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Chapter 537: Started to Really Fall for Her

Yun Xi watched the two cars that had been left behind to wait for them to leave the minefield.

They were parked on the road pretending to be engaged in fixing some car trouble.

All the other people and cars had returned to where they had come from, back to the stronghold.

The gunshot that had sounded so close to where he had been had alarmed Crocodile.

No doubt he was planning to escape across the border tonight to protect his own safety.

Yun Xi estimated that the eight people in the two cars that had been left behind all had guns.

She wasnt so stupid as to try and fight a battle where they where so outnumbered.

Taking advantage of the darkness of the night, she pulled Feng Yang into the depths of the minefield.

Feng Yang grabbed her arm.

“We cant go any farther inside.

What if we accidentally step on a landmine It doesnt seem as if theyre going to follow us in here.”

“Who knows, maybe they left to go get backup Just in case, we should walk in deeper.

I have a way to get those people outside to leave.”

Feng Yang raised his eyebrows.

“What can you do Dont tell me that youre going to run out by yourself to lead them away”

The sky got darker and darker, and Feng Yang tilted his head to look at her closely.

His eyes appeared to be gleaming.

“Do you really think Im that stupid”

Yun Xi gave him a blank look and started to slow down.

“You havent told me what youre doing here yet.

Do you know where this is”

Talking about this, Feng Yang felt as if something was poking at his heart and his liver.

Everything inside of him ached intensely.

No one should ever let a little girl like Yun Xi take risks in such a place.

“Me I was kidnapped by them.”

After entering the minefield, she still didnt dare to let down her guard.

Feng Yang froze, then asked in a bewildered tone, “Kidnapped Why did they kidnap you”

“I want to know that too.

The kidnappers said that their boss wanted to see me and use me as bait to lure Young Marshal Mu into a trap, but I was lucky enough to escape from the car on the way here.”

Although she said this in a nonchalant manner, Feng Yang obviously didnt believe that the process had been that easy.

“Well, why did you come to City C out of the blue like that Today is New Years Day.”

“I came over to have fun with my friends, and I planned to go to the hot springs also while I was here.

I didnt expect to be tied up before I was able to have any fun.

Im always unlucky.”

Tired of talking about her own affairs, she turned the topic to him.

Since hed appeared in Crocodiles stronghold in such a state, it obviously wasnt accidental, nor had he been simply unlucky, like she had been.

“Then how about you Shouldnt you tell me what you were doing and why you had been tied up by them Dont tell me it was an accident.

That kind of lie can only fool a three-year-old, and even you yourself wouldnt believe it.”

Feng Yang looked down at her vivacious appearance, and, wishing that the time would pass more slowly, he blinked.

She was just a little girl, and it was truly extraordinary that she could still be so optimistic in such a situation.

Curiosity killed the cat, but everything about her was irresistible to him.

He started to really fall for her.

“I…” Feng Yang raised his head slightly, as if he was making some mental preparations, and then he told her about his identity.

“My identity is special, although Im not affiliated with any department.

My job is the same as Young Marshal Mus.

Im also a Marshal.

In my job, we deal with drugs and smuggling most often.

I control all the undercover agents, and, after receiving news that Crocodile had shown up here, some of our agents went missing.

Something terrible probably happened.”

After a pause, Feng Yang found a clean place to sit down and sighed slightly.

“I didnt expect Crocodile to have such a strong anti-tracking ability.

He probably knew that my people were undercover agents from early on, so he caused a scene and used my person as bait.

We didnt have a chance to back out, and Im the only one who survived from my team.

I was abducted, and I wanted to seize the chance to find out where Crocodiles stronghold was, but I certainly didnt expect to encounter you…

Perhaps some things played out in their own fateful ways.

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