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Chapter 536: The Deadly Minefield

They had just gotten to the front door of the house when one of the drug dealers who was coming around the building saw them.

He was about to fire on them, but Feng Yang quickly took care of him.

This loud gunshot was bound to alarm Crocodile and the rest of his men who were elsewhere in the house.

The two of them were definitely no match for so many people.

They came to an unspoken understanding and quickly jumped off the front porch.

It just so happened that the car of the drug dealer who Feng Yang had killed was parked right in front of the house.

He was probably here to change shifts, and his car keys were still in the car.

It was as if God was on their side.

They quickly jumped into the car.

Feng Yang started the car up, and they took off.

Suddenly, a group of people all holding guns emerged from the house, shooting at the car.

The sound of bullets hitting the car seemed to go on forever, and the glass from the back window was completely shattered.

Yun Xi was so scared that she lay down on the seat.

As if he had experienced this kind of scene before, Feng Yang quickly turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator without further ado.

The car sped along the highway and took another road that led far away from the village.

There were many people living in the village, and, once a skirmish broke out there, innocent people would inevitably be wounded or killed.

Yun Xi glanced at the speed they were driving at.

As she turned her head, she saw a car coming up behind them fast.

Feng Yang also noticed that there was a car chasing after them, and he stepped on the accelerator.

They drove a long way, but the car behind them continued to follow steadily.

Yun Xi looked at the car chasing after them, and then she looked ahead.

She noticed the black skull logo on the side of the road not that far away.

She said, “Go to the minefield on the right.”

“Minefield No! Both of us will die if I drive over there!”

When he heard the word minefield, Feng Yangs eyes twitched, and he wouldnt agree no matter what she said.

Just then, Yun Xis sharp eyes saw another car making a shortcut while chasing them, and she gasped.

Crocodiles people were using their familiarity with the nearby terrain to trap them in between two cars.

Feng Yang looked at the car that had driven in front of them.

There were now cars in front and behind, so they indeed could neither move forward or backward.

“Listen to me, drive to the minefield, hurry up!”

“No, the minefields contain all the landmines left over from the past.

If we hit one accidentally, well get blown to pieces.”

“Drive the car over to the warning monument, and we will go inside the minefield.

I know how to avoid the mines.

You have to believe in me.”

Feng Yang turned to look at her.

They had reached a stalemate.

Her look of stubbornness and reckless courage finally made him choose to trust in her unconditionally.

He turned the steering wheel abruptly, and the car drove from the road into the bumpy wasteland.

After a long and bumpy ride, the car slammed into the warning monument.

“Get out of the car.” Yun Xi glanced at him, pushed open the door, and quickly jumped out of the car.

“Dont worry, the mines in the first 100 yards into the minefield have all been cleared.

This is the practice of mine clearance.

This 100 yards leaves us enough space to hide in.

These criminals wont dare to follow us in.”

There were no people who ever visited the minefields, so the grass was lush and had grown taller than most people.

Yun Xi was petite, so she moved through the grass swiftly.

She vaguely estimated the distance she had traveled.

After a straight-line distance of about ten yards, she turned her head and jumped to the right.

“What are you doing If you keep on like this, youre going to die.”

“Dont be nervous.

I have a good sense of measurement.” Lowering her body, Yun Xi slowly walked through the grass and reduced her range of movements as much as possible.

The sky gradually dimmed, and the light shining on the grassland dimmed.

With the grassland as cover, Yun Xi lay on the ground and pushed aside the weeds slightly, looking at the cars parked on the road more than ten yards away.

The cars on both sides had stopped, and none of the criminals had dared to approach the minefield.

Those who had been traveling and living around the border all these years would know the consequences of entering the minefield very clearly.

No one would risk his or her life unless they were forced to do so.

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