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Chapter 534: Yun Xi on Her Own

The car that Yun Xi had escaped from continued to drive slowly down the village streets.

The occupants of the car thought that Yun Xi had taken off, but actually she was hiding in the bushes by the riverbank.

Maintaining a low profile, she followed the car.

She followed it out of the village, and, near the border, she finally saw the car come to a stop.

Creeping through the long grasses, she examined the car as it parked in front of a house.

The three people got out of the car, looked around, and entered the house.

The outside of the house looked similar to that of any ordinary house, but when the door was opened, she could see a large group of people gathered inside.

Yun Xi caught her breath.

She quickly took off her down jacket which made a loud rubbing sound and headed from the long grasses where shed been hiding to the back of the house.

It was cold.

Since shed had nothing to eat at noon and shed had to take off her down jacket, her teeth started chattering from the cold.

She took a chocolate bar out of her pocket and ate it, which warmed her up a bit.

Taking out the small knife that Mu Feichi had given her from her backpack, she was thinking that since she was at a disadvantage in terms of strength and numbers, she should wait for support from Mu Feichi.

A car stopped outside the house.

Several people got out of the car.

Two of them started dragging a man who was covered with blood into the house.

When the man covered in blood got out of the car, he raised his head and Yun Xi was able to see his face.

Yun Xi suddenly gasped.

Feng Yang! Why was he here Why had he been caught by this gang

The more Yun Xi thought about her situation, the more she felt that something was very wrong.

Her original idea of going back to the city had been disrupted by Feng Yangs appearance.

She didnt know what the situation was inside the house, and she was alone with no weapons.

Taking a risk at this moment was tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebble.

However, since Feng Yang had been caught by them, she couldnt simply turn a blind eye.

Especially since they were a group of drug dealers who hurt people without batting an eye.

In their eyes, human life was probably less valuable than their stupid white powder.

Looking around, Yun Xi realized that this stronghold of Crocodiles could be considered an excellent location.

There was a mountain at the back of the house, so there was no need to worry about someone attacking from behind.

There were two houses fairly close by on the left and right sides of this house.

They probably all belonged to the same family.

There were no other houses within a radius of ten miles.

There was a T-shaped road that led directly to these three houses.

They were basically isolated in this corner in front of the mountain.

Crocodile was shrewd indeed.

His choice of a stronghold had been so meticulously calculated.

After a while, Feng Yang was taken out of the middle room and his captors turned to the left and went into the adjoining room with him.

Yun Xi was in the bushes near that room.

She approached the room even closer.

After the two people who had escorted Feng Yang left him in the room, they exited the house.

The two of them sat outside the door and chatted in a language that she didnt understand.

Listening carefully, she felt that the language sounded like that of Country Y.

At a distance of only a few yards, Yun Xi lay in the grass without daring to even breathe too loudly.

It got dark earlier in winter, and the sun set around 5:00 oclock.

The area surrounding the foot of the mountain became increasingly dim, and Yun Xi realized that it was the right time for her to create a distraction by climbing up the pile of hay bales.

She held her breath and squeezed the umbrella knife in her hand.

She made some noise around the pile of hay bales to attract the attention of the two people who were guarding the door where Feng Yang was being held.

The two guards, who were basically sitting there doing nothing, heard the sounds and talked among themselves.

Yun Xi figured they must have thought that it was some pheasants.

With light footsteps and their hands on their guns, they slowly approached.

Yun Xi carefully listened to the sound of their footsteps, trying to analyze their frequency and distance.

One-against-two, she wasnt sure of her chances of winning.

But she wanted to take the risk.

She wanted to put into action the agile techniques and combat techniques she had learned recently.

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