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Chapter 526: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

After entering the villa, Yun Xi realized that its design was similar to that of Muyun Villa.

It was the same kind of minimalist style.

The hot spring had been built indoors.

When soaking in the pool, one could look out through floor-to-ceiling windows and see the wonderful snowy scenery that was part of this snowy landscape that stretched for thousands of miles at the foot of the mountain.

Yun Xi took a wool cap from her suitcase and put it on.

The red cap covered her ears and made her small face appear even more beautiful.

After Mu Feichi had given the butler instructions, he walked into her room, and leaned against the door lazily with his arms crossed, looking at his Little Red Riding Hood as a smile played on his lips.

Upon seeing that shed brought her self-defense equipment and that it that could be hidden in her clothes, he felt both relieved and distressed.

He had never wanted to have her step into his battlefield, however, in order for her to have the ability to protect herself, he had to be cruel.

Since he was destined to be unable to shelter her under his wings forever, then he wanted to enable her to grow her own wings and fly freely with him.

“Little Red Riding Hood, are you ready The Big Bad Wolf wants to take you down the mountain to have some fun.”

“…” Yun Xi turned her head in mock anger and teased him, saying, “This is the first time I have ever seen such a beautiful Big Bad Wolf.”

“Really Then take a few extra looks at no charge.”


Two ordinary cars drove out of the garage, and Yun Xi pulled Zhao Yumo into the back seat of the grey car in the front.

Only Jiang Chenghuan was in the car.

Mu Feichi was standing outside the car taking a phone call.

Yun Xi was a little surprised.

After hed finished talking on the phone, she lowered the car window and looked at him.

“Young Marshal Mu, arent you coming down with us”

“Crocodile is very familiar with what I look like.

If I go down the mountain, my purpose would be too obvious, and you two might get dragged into the mess.

You two have fun with Second Master Jiang today.”

“What about you What are you going to do” Yun Xi knew that he must have other arrangements.

“I have something else to do.

Be good and dont cause trouble, eh”

This matter of finding and capturing Crocodile was no small matter.

His people were willing to do anything because they had gotten really desperate.

Yun Xi knew that she couldnt help much now, so she simply nodded and said nothing.

“Okay, then were going to go down the mountain.

You should be careful yourself, and dont easily alarm him if you arent sure victory is in your grasp.”

“I know.

Go have fun now!”

Just like ordinary tourists, the three of them went down the mountain to stroll around and eat a good meal.

When their car drove into the city, Qi Yuan and Feng Rui, who had followed behind them in the other car, drove the car in another direction and parted ways with them.

Yun Xi assumed they had other arrangements, so she didnt ask.

When they reached the large commercial street in the center of the city, she vaguely sensed someone following behind them.

When she turned her head, she saw Qi Yuan disguised as a backpacker and Feng Rui disguised as a photographer.

The two of them had followed them in order to protect them, but what about Mu Feichi Was he alone

She couldnt help but feel a little worried, so she was really absentminded the entire time she was down the mountain.

Jiang Chenghuan saw that something was wrong with her, and, without asking her, he knew what she was worried about.

He consoled her by saying, “Dont worry about him, he has lots of influence in City C.

His most elite team isnt in Jingdu, but here.

If Crocodile is really here, he will be fine even if a confrontation happens.”

Yun Xi didnt know whether Jiang Chenghuan was only comforting her or whether this was true, and she nodded, but she still didnt stop worrying.

Up on the top of the mountain, on the tarmac of the villa, Mu Feichi changed into a casual outfit and hurriedly boarded his helicopter.

As soon as he got on the helicopter, Li Zilan handed him his laptop.

On the laptop was a map of the area where Crocodile had appeared.

Crocodile showing up in City C meant that his secret stronghold must be here.

Their people had been secretly scouting the nearby forests and mountainous areas searching for his stronghold.

At the end of their investigation, they had pinpointed their target to a primeval forest 15 miles from City C.

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