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Chapter 525: Unconscionable Rascal

Jiang Chenghuan chuckled at Yun Xis comment.

“Youve recovered from your injury, so now youre ignoring me, your lifesaver Arent you afraid that I could get offended and really poison you to death”

“I would never date to offend you or ignore you.” Jiang Chenghuan touched his nose.

“Do you think Im an ungrateful person You know I treat you like a lord.

Youve shoved someone on me out of the blue, but havent I been a loyal servant and nanny to her without complaining”

Who would dare to provoke Young Marshal Mus woman…

She had Young Marshal Mu wrapped around her finger, and he doted on her as if she was his treasure.

How could everyone else not pamper that girl like a lord

“Im simply saying nice words are useless.

You have to produce results.”

“Lord, its not a good thing to reach the sky in one step.”

“I didnt tell you to reach the sky in one step, but at least when she comes of age, you have to make her capable of inheriting the mantle of the Zhao family.”

“No problem,” Jiang Chenghuan responded with a smile.

No one had stipulated that they couldnt go in through the back door.

When the time came, if Zhao Yumo wasnt yet capable of inheriting the Zhao family, the Jiang family would still be there to back her.

With Jiang Chenghuan at her side, he didnt believe that those clowns in the Zhao family had the guts to act rashly.

“Yun Xi…” As Zhao Yumo listened to this conversation concerning her between the two of them, she finally realized that someone else was worried sick for her.

“Ah…its so cold, so cold.

Lets go inside quickly.” Fearing that Zhao Yumo would say something showing how grateful she was, Yun Xi hurriedly changed the subject.

As she said this, she took Zhao Yumos hand and introduced her to this place and their vacation arrangements for the next three days.

On top of the mountain, there were three villas, which were the vacation properties of Mu Feichi ,Jiang Chenghuan, and Huo Tingxiao.

The butlers and the servants had gotten the news in advance that they were coming to celebrate New Years and had come over beforehand to prepare everything for their arrival.

Upon hearing the sound of the helicopter, the butlers and the servants were waiting on the front steps.

Mu Feichis villa was on the outermost side, and Jiang Chenghuans was in the middle.

Yun Xi was about to take Zhao Yumo with her to Mu Feichis villa.

However, before they had even taken two steps, Jiang Chenghuan dragged Zhao Yumo back by the hood of her down jacket.

“This way! Young Marshal Mus private residence is over there.

I cant even enter without an invitation.

Besides, do you want to be a third wheel”

At a loss for words, Yun Xi rolled her eyes at Jiang Chenghuan and kicked at some snow.

“What a bunch of nonsense! Get ready to go out.

Were going down the mountain in an hour.”

“Down the mountain Didnt you two come to the hot springs to relax for a few days Why would you want to go down the mountain”

Jiang Chenghuan froze, and then he turned his head to look at Mu Feichi.

If Crocodile was really in City C, it would be unsafe for them to go down the mountain at this time.

Mu Feichi glanced at Jiang Chenghuan, then took Yun Xi into his villa after saying, “Were going down the mountain to eat, so dont be so nervous.

You just have to look after your unappreciative little wolf.”

After they had entered his villa, Zhao Yumo grabbed Jiang Chenghuan and asked, “What are you so nervous about Second Master Jiang, are you hiding something from me”

Jiang Chenghuan raised his hand to hand the luggage to the butler and rubbed his forehead.

Who had come up with this bad idea At this time, taking them on an adventure in City C was simply asking for trouble.

“Tell me!” Zhao Yumo kicked him impatiently.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at her and thought it over again and again.

For safety reasons, he had no choice but to tell her the truth so that she could be mentally prepared.

“You want to know the truth According to the news weve received, the big boss Crocodile has shown up in City C.

We are here to check and see if we can find any traces of Crocodile.

We can have fun, but you must pay attention to your safety.

That girl is smarter than you are, so follow her and dont run around or cause trouble.

My bodyguards are everywhere undercover and will protect you both.”

“Ah, so youre here to do business Arent you afraid that well drag you guys down”

“If you dont cause any trouble, you wont be dragging us down.

When you go down the mountain, try to act like ordinary tourists.

Have fun and enjoy your time.”

“Oh, I get it.

Dont worry, if theres danger, I will definitely take Yun Xi and run.

You can just follow behind to act as a buffer.”

“Unconscionable rascal!”

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