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Chapter 52: A Great Method to Hit Two Birds With One Stone!

Because Yun Xi was far too acquainted with Yun Zilings greedy nature, she hadnt taken Miss Chens international brand name clothes when shed left the Chens home.

Shed only taken two casual outfits so she could wear them for her morning runs.

She was fully aware that her body couldnt be too delicate and weak, so she insisted on waking up early every morning to run along the mountain road surrounding the villa complex.

Tianyu Mountain was Mu Feichis territory, so she didnt dare to run too far into it.

She would only go as far as the established sentry post before going back.

Early the next morning, she returned home after the morning run.

Then she proceeded to change into an outfit shed brought from the countryside before going downstairs for breakfast.

Grandfather Yun saw Yun Xis shabby outfit, then glanced at the beautifully dressed Liang Xinyi.

His face was instantly twisted into an ugly expression.

“What is going on Didnt I ask you to take Yun Xi to go buy new clothes”

Liang Xiuqin shot a glance at Yun Xi before lying boldly, “I did call for her, but she hid in her room without answering me at all.

I wasnt sure if she was unwilling to go out with me or if she just despises me, so I just let her be.

After all, she is the one to wear those clothes, not me.”

After all the commotion last night, Grandfather Yun assumed Yun Xi was feeling bitter, so he turned to look at her and began acting as the peacemaker.

“Yun Xi…”

Yun Xi sneered internally to herself, but she kept an unreadable smile on her face.

“Grandfather, I went downstairs as soon as I put down my backpack, but my Mom and Xinyi had already driven off in the car before I could even get downstairs.

They didnt even wait for me! I knew that Mom was also responsible for Cousins toiletries, so that meant there is an additional set of expenses for the household.

Thats okay, though.

Im all right with dressing simply!”

Her mom was telling a lie and trying to make her take the blame for it, so why shouldnt she learn how to instigate things

“How could this be! You are the eldest heiress of the Yuns! Why would it make sense for an outsider to dress better than you!”

Grandfather Yun slammed the chopsticks down on the dining table, frightening everyone.

Before they could even compose themselves, they heard Grandfather Yun berating Liang Xiuqin.

“Yun Xi is your own daughter; how could you act like this as her mother! You treat her worse than an outsider, and if you keep treating her like this, dont even dream of her being filial to you once she marries into the Jiang family! Youre so happy to help someone else raise their daughter, but dont forget that shes still someone elses! If you keep acting like this, there will be plenty of time for you to regret it in the future!”

Liang Xiuqin had originally thought that she could distance herself from the situation, so she didnt expect Grandfather Yun to see through her and sternly berate her in front of everyone, making her lose all face!

“Dad, why are you throwing such a big temper tantrum so early in the morning”

Her second aunt, Yao Ying, took the opportunity to chime in.

“After we finish breakfast, Ill drive Yun Xi out to buy some new clothes.”

Liang Xiuqin had always hated seeing Yao Ying pretend to be a goody-two-shoes, so she icily retorted, “She is a star of death and will bring misfortune to the family, so youd better be careful she doesnt curse your sickly husband.”

“Xiuqin, how could you say such things!”

The word “sickly” truly triggered Yao Ying, and with Liang Xiuqins reminder, she lost any desire to help Yun Xi.

“What are you arguing about You all need to shut up!” Grandfather Yun shouted before scoffing and standing up.

“Yun Xi, come to my study after breakfast!”

“Okay, Grandfather!”

As soon as Grandfather Yun left, Yun Chuhan gave a sarcastic smirk.

She was able to see that her oldest sister wasnt as simple as she appeared.

She had made an impressive play at the dining table—winning the round by retreating and making the kill while acting as the victim!

Not only had she used Grandfather Yuns authority to teach her mother a lesson, but shed also made him hate the outsider, Liang Xinyi, even more.

Shed hit two birds with one stone; what a great method!

She gained sympathy points from her grandfather, so her grandfather gave her double compensation for the things her mother had stolen from her!

Yun Xi looked up to see Yun Chuhan staring pointedly at her with a half-smile.

She didnt understand her mysterious-looking expression.

A feeling of unease rose in Yun Chuhans stomach, so she quickly put her head down.

Yun Xi smirked.

After finishing breakfast, she went directly upstairs and completely ignored the enraged Liang Xiuqin inside the dining room.

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