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Chapter 514: Eyes Bigger Than Her Stomach

Liang Xiuqin became anxious when she heard that Yun Xi had asked Yao Ying to hold onto the money and keep it safe for her.

Yao Ying had already taken over the familys power of the purse from her, causing her to lose a large amount of income.

Now, once again, she was obliged to watch money fall back into Yao Yings pocket.

Liang Xiuqin felt extremely distressed at her state of finances.

“Theres still six months to go before you go to college.

Mom can keep the money safe for you and give it to you when you go off to college.

Its safer with me than with Yao Ying.”

“Really” Yun Xi looked at Liang Xiuqin with a smile.

She would be really stupid if she didnt remember the saying about throwing a meat-stuffed bun at a dog: one would never be able to get it back once one had given it away.

“Mom, I heard that your clubhouse was smashed and looted”

“…” Liang Xiuqin turned pale as soon as she heard that night mentioned.

She didnt even know who she had offended.

The other party had been so ruthless that she was completely out of business now.

Without the income from the clubhouse and without the power of the purse in the Yun family, she was completely broke.

“So, letting you keep it safe obviously wouldnt be as safe as keeping it in my own hands.

So Ive decided to let second aunt help keep it safe.”

Yun Xi glanced at the anxious Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin and crushed their fantasies without changing her expression.

“Second aunt, you can tell my dad that you are keeping this money safe for me.”

After a pause, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xinyi and chuckled in amusement.

“Since my cousin is so capable that she was able to resolve the tension between the Yun family and the Su family, I think it shouldnt be difficult for my cousin to help solve my mothers problems also.

My mother would rather have you stay with the Yun family and drive me back to the countryside.

I can tell that she really likes you.

Now, its time for you to repay her.

I definitely wouldnt want to take this chance away from you.

Reminding Liang Xiuqin of the existence of a fake daughter who was more capable and more easy to reap benefits from than Yun Xi, Yun Xis words successfully shifted Liang Xiuqins target.

Liang Xiuqin looked at Liang Xinyi with shining eyes after hearing this.

They were now relying on one another as well as exploiting one another.

Since Liang Xinyi also had the ability to claim ties with the Han family, it wouldnt be a problem for her to help resolve Liang Xiuqins financial distress.

Liang Xiuqin had helped Liang Xinyi gain a foothold in the Yun family, so Liang Xinyi naturally was obliged to help her solve her current problems.

Liang Xiuqin hadnt expected to get any benefits from the hands of that wretched girl Yun Xi, but Liang Xinyi was different.

Yun Xi gleefully glanced at Liang Xinyis ashen face.

Liang Xinyi knew very well that Yun Xi had just dug her grave.

And Liang Xinyi hadnt forgotten that Liang Xiuqin always had eyes that were bigger than her stomach, and she knew Liang Xiuqins greediness and shamefulness better even than Yun Xi did.

Since Liang Xinyi had put in so much effort to get Liang Xiuqin back, she naturally wanted to give her a big gift as a thank you.

Thinking of how Liang Xiuqin would start treating Liang Xinyi as a cash cow, Yun Xi couldnt help feeling gleeful!

“Second aunt, come upstairs for a bit.

I have something to tell you.” Yun Xi turned around and went upstairs.

Leaving behind Liang Xiuqin, who was scheming, and Liang Xinyi, who was feeling regretful, Yao Ying agreed and followed behind Yun Xi.

After Yun Xis door slammed shut, Yao Ying didnt bother to conceal her good mood anymore and laughed out loud.

“See, she shot herself in the foot.

This time, well see how smug Liang Xinyi is.”

When Yao Ying thought about how Yun Xi had given them a taste of their own medicine, she couldnt help but praise her.

“Yun Xi, your trick was amazing.

In the future, as soon as your mother runs out of money, she will definitely turn to Liang Xinyi.

Its all right now.

Let them fight it all out together.”

“This is just a small gift I gave to Liang Xinyi.

There will be an even bigger gift coming later.”

Her sly eyes gleaming and sparkling, Yun Xi turned around.

“Second aunt, my other aunt from the countryside will be coming to the Yun familys house very soon.

You must be prepared!”

“Dont worry, Im with you.

I will make sure to do everything that you have instructed.”

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