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Chapter 505: You Live up to Your Reputation as the Woman I Fancy

After theyd finished messing around, the immature Young Marshal Mu finally calmed down.

He sat in the back seat quietly, reading the cheesy script of the scheme written by Yun Xi.

While reading the plot, Mu Feichi chuckled often.

Then he turned to look at the little rascal sitting beside him and held up the script he was holding.

“Do you like this sort of plot”

Yun Xi glanced at his disdainful expression with a nonchalant expression on her face.

“Its not that I like it.

Its my aunt who likes it.

This kind of plot is very suitable for my aunt.

If its too complicated, she wont understand it.”

Such a cheesy, tacky plot suits the romantic ideals of a country girl like Chen Lixue.

“Well, what do you mean by involving me” Mu Feichi pointed to his name inside.

“Sorry, but I have to borrow the title of Young Marshal Mu for this show.

You dont need to personally do anything.

You just need to watch the show.”

If he personally made a cameo, whether he would mess up or not, her dad would be scared out of his wits.

“What about you” Mu Feichi glanced at her.

The little rascal appeared so engrossed and amused.

He was fascinated watching her.

“Im going to watch the show with you.

I wont personally meddle.

To set up a scheme, you must disassociate yourself so you cant be incriminated.

That is my first principle.”

“Well, you live up to your reputation as the woman I fancy.

How shrewd!”


The setup of the drama was actually very simple.

It was nothing more than a story of a hero saving a damsel in distress, with the added bonus of old flames being rekindled.

Having Mu Feichi of the Mu Corporation do this sort of thing was, um, a little degrading.

No wonder Mu Feichi looked contemptuous after reading her script.

In a small motel in Jingdu, Chen Lixue felt crestfallen.

It was as if all her fantasies had been crushed after shed been placed in such a small, shabby motel.

However, the person whod come to pick her up was one of Young Marshal Mus people.

As soon as theyd met her, they had talked about Young Marshal Mus lifesaver and had asked her which girl had saved Young Marshal Mu.

Because this person had a distinguished background and was from Jingdu, Chen Lixue grasped that this was an opportunity that had come right to her door.

Even though she knew that Yun Xi had saved Young Marshal Mu a few months previously, she wasnt going to let her snatch such a good opportunity from her.

Therefore, she used Liang Xinyi as a substitute.

While telling this person that her daughter had already gone to school in Jingdu, shed also made a request to go to Jingdu personally.

Since she was the mother of the lifesaver, the other party naturally wouldnt neglect her.

But who knew that the other party would disappear after dropping her off at a small motel.

She had only been left with a few sets of new clothes and the hotel accommodation fee for a week, but nothing else.

The quality of the clothes was very good.

Although there were no brand labels, they were all styles she had seen on TV.

Although the clothes were a little bigger than her actual size, they were all styles that she didnt want to take off after putting them on.

Each piece of clothing made her appear 20 years younger.

In addition, she had been living a life of comparative ease in the countryside since she made Yun Xi do all the rough household chores.

Although her life had been a bit rough, she knew her own advantages.

Looking at her renewed self in the mirror, she knew that her glamorous appearance didnt pale in comparison to Liang Xiuqins.

But no matter how glamorous she appeared, she still had an inferiority complex when it came to Jingdu.

Jingdus cost of living was so much higher than the countrysides.

The person who had picked her up had only given her a few sets of clothes and the accommodation fees, but nothing else, not even a single dime.

The money she had brought with her had all been spent on eating during the past few days.

With such nice clothes, she couldnt humble herself and eat from street vendors.

In two days, shed spent all her money just on meals.

It was distressing.

But when she thought of how her daughter had become Young Marshal Mus lifesaver and so now people might pamper her with all sorts of benefits, she felt that her current expenditures were worth it.

They didnt actually know who had saved Young Marshal Mu anyway, so she could keep benefiting from it.

As long as she could find the person who had picked her up, and since she was now the mother of Young Marshal Mus lifesaver, would she have to worry that this person wouldnt grant her requests

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