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Chapter 493: She Would Never Stop

Compared to the cold of Muyang Town, Jingdu was much warmer, and it had heating everywhere.

The dry warmth made her feel very comfortable.

Now that she had embarked on the road to revenge, there was no chance that she was ever going to look back.

Even if she was damned to perdition, she would never stop.

Shed closed her eyes to soak up the sun.

Now, before shed opened her eyes, she caught a whiff of Mu Feichis faint scent of mint.

She slowly raised her head.

Blinking, she snapped back to reality.

“Young Marshal Mu, what are you doing” His cold, handsome face was looking at her, reflected in her clear dazzling eyes.

Mu Feichi sighed.

In reality, he couldnt explain what he was doing.

It was just that when hed watched her countenance as she was daydreaming, hed suddenly felt a little anguished.

His little wildcat should be living happily and innocently, instead of doing things she didnt want to do like during the last few days.

“The sky wont fall, since theres always me.”

His deep eyes were filled with gentleness, and he raised his hand and caressed her head.

“Are you frightened by my vicious methods”

Mu Feichi chuckled.

“Those little tricks of yours arent vicious.

If it were me, I wouldnt be as mercifully softhearted as you are.”

She understood what he meant.

She smiled and said nothing.

“Okay, lets go.

Ill take you back to class.

Naturally, someone will take care of things here, so you dont need to worry about it any further.”

Yun Xi nodded and followed him to the car.

News of Li Sinuos expulsion quickly spread throughout the senior grade.

No one was able to find any real information, and they only knew that she had gotten expelled from school because shed made a serious mistake.

After repeating the year and getting expelled at the most critical time, she definitely wouldnt be able to take the college entrance exam, so her future was probably ruined as well.

Teachers of the various subjects didnt know the inside story so they all felt sorry for Li Sinuo, but Mr.

Xu, who knew the inside story as her homeroom teacher, said nothing.

This was the result the school had wanted.

Even without Li Sinuo, he still had Yun Xi.

As long as Yun Xi could become the top scorer on the college entrance exam, he, her homeroom teacher, would also get a share of the glory.

As soon as Li Sinuos scandal was exposed, Zhou Chengzhe approached Yun Xi and inexplicably accused Yun Xi of manipulatively meddling in the matter somehow.

Yun Xi didnt deny or admit it.

She chuckled lightly and asked Zhou Chengzhe to show her some evidence.

If he couldnt show her any evidence, she could accuse him of slandering her.

After Zhou Chengzhe had lost the biology competition, his image as the teachers pet wasnt as good as it had been before.

He didnt dare to incur trouble for himself because of an insignificant person like Li Sinuo, so he left it alone.

Yun Xi was in a good mood.

She sent a message to Zhao Yumo to come to school for class.

After she had pretended to be sick for so long in order to fool their enemy, she really would fall behind in her studies if she didnt start coming back to school right away.

As soon as school ended that day, Han Yaotian called Yun Xi and apologized to her for what had happened.

Yun Xi knew that he wanted news about Lin Sen, but she didnt have the energy to talk to him, so she hung up the phone after a short conversation.

She took the bus home and was three stops away from where she got off the bus when she looked up to see that a cup of hot chocolate was being handed to her.

She raised her head and glanced at the man sitting next to her.

She froze a little, then smiled at him.

She took the hot chocolate hed handed over and said, “Thank you”.

Feng Yang tilted his head and glanced at her.

“After what happened last night, are you okay”

“Huh What are you talking about” Yun Xi didnt understand what he meant and looked at him in confusion.

“Didnt Young Marshal Mu catch Lin Sen last night You were right on the front lines of the operation.

He really wasnt protecting you very well.”

Yun Xi smiled and said lightly, “Youre really very well-informed.

Cant you see Im okay”

“Im very glad that youre okay, but dont be so reckless next time.”

After a pause, Feng Yang took out a few pieces of tissue from his pocket and handed them to her.

“Your mom is coming back today.

The Su family is going to lower the pressure on your dad, but you be careful.”

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