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Chapter 483: No Such Thing as a Perfect Plan

There was no such thing as a perfect plan.

At least at her age, it would be difficult to come up with something perfect.

Even he had grown up slowly after experiencing many trials and failures.

He felt deeply impressed by the fact that shed dared to come up with such a grand scheme at her age, and had even dared to act first and tell him about it later.

If it hadnt been for the fact that this plan had succeeded with no loopholes, he would have disciplined her severely.

“There werent going to be any loopholes.

You brought so many people.

If I had really gotten held as a hostage, its not as if you wouldnt come to my rescue, am I right”

When she had deployed this scheme, the first thing she had considered was what Mu Feichi was capable of.

She believed in him wholeheartedly.

It was precisely because of her absolute trust in him that she had boldly dared to involve herself.

“If you had really been taken hostage, I definitely would not have come to rescue you.”

He glared at her angrily.

Pinching her chin to turn her and make her face him, he reminded her by speaking slowly, emphasizing what he had to say word by word, “Im not joking with you.”

“…” Yun Xi swallowed and nodded slightly.

She knew that he would do whatever he said he would do.

He was a man of his word.

If she provoked him, it was either his way or the highway.

Seeing that she was acting so well-behaved and had given in, he felt a little less angry.

He straightened up and let go of his hand that was on her shoulder.

Then he touched Yun Xis arm inadvertently, and Yun Xi suddenly gasped with pain.

Seeking to examine the place which she had reflexively reached out to cover with her hands, Mu Feichi lifted up her coat.

“Young Marshal Mu, dont mess around.

Im fine.” Gritting her teeth, Yun Xi dodged his big hand while moving to the side.

However, the pain in her waist and arms had gotten really unbearable, and moving around was extremely difficult to do.

With one hand on her collarbone and one hand lifting her clothes, Mu Feichi easily yanked her back.

As soon as he took off her clothes, he saw that her waist was dark purple and had even turned black in some places.

Mu Feichis almond-shaped eyes suddenly looked different.

“How did this happen” His sullen voice was now full of uncontrollable anger, and the intimidating expression on his handsome face almost scared Yun Xi to death.

“I was just a little careless.”

Squinting slightly, Mu Feichi thought about it for a while.

Then he suddenly remembered that when he had been on the mountainside, hed seen Lin Sens two cars ram into the doors of Han Yaotians car.

He didnt know that she had been sitting in the passenger seat at that time, exactly where the front of the car was slammed into.

He knew exactly how strong the collision must have been.

There was no way she wouldnt be injured.

Upon thinking of how that kind of crash was tantamount to a car accident, Mu Feichi felt extremely angry.

The arrogant man snorted coldly, then turned around and slammed the door of the room shut.

With a dazed expression, Yun Xi raised her head, touched her tingling waist, and bore the pain as she got up to get hot water from the bathroom.

This injury was congestion from the impact.

Only after using a hot compress to expand her pores and then gently adding rubbing alcohol would the congestion go down.

Pain was inevitable.

It wasnt as if she hadnt gained anything from that evenings events.

There would be a good show waiting for her to watch tomorrow morning.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was opened with an enormous bang.

The man who had left, slamming the door, had returned with the medicine kit.

He looked at Yun Xi, standing on the bathroom floor, coldly without saying a word.

Yun Xi blinked, then went back into the bathroom to continue taking care of her wound.

She twisted a hot towel and covered her waist with it.

Mu Feichi opened the door and came in.

Looking at her gloomily, he saw her leaning against the wall and holding the towel around her waist with a pitiful expression.

Somehow, he softened up inside.

Okay! He himself had spoiled her into thinking she could get away with anything.

So now he had to keep on spoiling her no matter what.

With a helpless sigh, he walked forward and wrung out her towel, which had gotten cold.

He then dampened it with hot water, wrung it out, and put it back around her waist.

The two of them simply stood facing each other like that.

The bathroom was brightly lit, but the vibe was awkward.

Yun Xi raised her eyes and looked at this man who was standing next to her close at hand.

The light shone on his chiseled face, and his thin lips were slightly pursed.

He was wearing casual clothes.

His striking figure gave off a sense of dominance and at the same time forbearance toward her.

His gloomy eyes looked at her with anguish and distress.

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