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Chapter 482: Bite Me Back

The car stopped at the gates of the Mu family mansion.

Wondering what she was going to say, Yun Xi glanced at Young Marshal Mu, who had already gotten out of the car.

Of course she had been at fault for acting first and reporting to him afterward, but she had been forced to do it like that.

She had originally thought that no matter how angry he was, he would be able to understand why she had done this.

But, judging from the current situation, he didnt seem very understanding.

She had just pushed open the door of the car to get out, but before her feet had touched the ground, hed picked her up and flung her over his shoulder.

“Mu Feichi, let me down!” Yun Xi was shocked by this sudden action.

“If you cause trouble again, Ill throw you to the wolves.”

“Young Marshal Mu, there arent any wolves on Tianyu Mountain.” Yun Xi couldnt keep herself from rolling her eyes at him.

“Hmmph, thank you for reminding me.

Tomorrow, I will get my men to transport a few wolves over here.

There will be plentiful opportunities for them to play with you in the future.”

“Young Marshal Mu, do you really have the heart to throw me to the wolves”

“What wont I have the heart to do to you Today, you cruelly made me sit at the foot of the mountain at night letting the mosquitoes feed off me.”

“Young Marshal Mu, the mosquitoes are all hibernating now, okay Really, how much blood was sucked from you Ill let you bite me back.”

“Okay, you said it.” Mu Feichi didnt hesitate.

He agreed with her right away.

Maybe hed been blabbering so much nonsense just to get her to say that.

When the butler saw him carrying Yun Xi up to the door, he was stunned.

“Master, do you need my help”

“No, go take some time off.

Dont come out even if you hear some loud sounds.”

“…” Yun Xi choked up when she heard what hed said.

Her face blushed a bit.

What did he mean by saying dont come out even if you hear some loud sounds

She really wished he wouldnt say such ambiguous and suggestive things.

After saying that, Mu Feichi turned around to go upstairs.

Halfway up, he seemed to think of something.

He glanced at Great White, who was about to follow him upstairs.

“There is one thing you can do.

Take Great White, and keep him downstairs with you.”

Great White had gotten so close to Yun Xi recently, that if he heard any disturbing noises later, he would probably cause a ruckus and try to get in at the door.

Great White had forgotten who his true owner was.

He had a hard time differentiating between his family and outsiders these days.

“All right, sir.” The butler hurriedly took Great White away.

The door of the master bedroom was slammed shut.

Half-dragging and half-carrying Great White, the butler went downstairs, chuckling.

Yun Xi had originally thought that after Mu Feichi threw her on the bed, she would have the opportunity to get up, but…

But this man, who never played by the rules, didnt throw her on the bed as she had expected.

Instead, he pushed her against the wall and glared at her sullenly.

In Yun Xis eyes, his expression looked as if he couldnt wait to skin her and eat her.

Very good! She had succeeded in angering this man.

But she hadnt meant to.

No matter how good a plan was, there was always the possibility of making a mistake.

No one could guarantee that everything would go 100 percent as planned.

“Young Marshal Mu, can you calm down.”

She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes, which were staring at her fiercely.

For fear that he was going to devour her out of anger, she hurriedly raised her hand and patted him on the face.

“Calm down You repeatedly ignored what I told you again and again.

How can you expect me to calm down”

His eyes had been shooting daggers at her moments before, but now it seemed as if his anger had lessened just a little, and then her indifferent mannerism had provoked his fury again.

“Everything that happened today went according to my plan.

Even if there was an accident, you solved it, didnt you I used myself as bait because I believe in you and fully trust your abilities.

Otherwise, would I have left the rest to you”

“But what if something had gone wrong halfway through”

Mu Feichis dark eyes locked on her, and his look dimmed at bit.

He was suppressing his anger and feeling anxious over the fear of losing her.

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