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Chapter 48: All Hail Mr.


Jiang Wanyuns disdain and refusal to acknowledge her, along with everyones silence directly caused Liang Xuqin to get the wrong idea!

She instinctively thought that Yun Xi had done something inappropriate to offend Jiang Wanyun!

Suddenly, Liang Xiuqins expression turned very ugly as well.

With a stony face, she turned around to Yun Xi to harshly scold her directly.

Her sharp nails stabbed against Yun Xis forehead, and with her fiery temper, her poor mannerisms as a country bumpkin were instantly revealed.

“Wretched girl! You dont even know any manners! You think a country girl like you can go offend certain people as you please How on Earth did your uncle and auntie raise you! You have a pair of eyes, but you dont even know how to read people Hurry up and apologize humbly to Mrs.

Chen! If she doesnt forgive you, then Ill have you kneel here to beg for her forgiveness! Otherwise, dont you even dream of going home!”

Liang Xiuqin hadnt even figured out the situation, but her first reaction was to push the blame on Yun Xi.

She was thinking about how shed take advantage of this situation to teach Yun Xi a lesson and vent her frustrations.

At the same time, she could also flatter Jiang Wanyun to minimize the trouble and hit two birds with one stone.

Liang Xiuqins anger flared when she saw Yun Xi keep her head down and stay silent.

Yun Yuanfeng was the most strict with his family right now.

Regardless if it was the Jiangs or the Chens, they took up the majority of the high official positions in Jingdu and possessed absolute power.

If they even slightly offended these people, the consequences would be disastrous!

This star of death was truly useless.

she was nothing in comparison with her other two obedient daughters!

“What are you standing there for! Hurry up and go over there!”

Yun Xi frowned slightly.

After being reborn, her mothers ability to cause trouble hadnt diminished at all!

Although this wasnt the first time she saw this, this was their first battle against each other.

Yun Xi didnt want to lose the fight just like that!

She suddenly looked up and shot an icy glare at Liang Xiuqins harsh and belligerent face.

Her watery eyes seeped with coldness.

Her dark, bottomless eyes flashed, and the icy glint caused Liang Xiuqin to shiver controllably.

Liang Xiuqin was scared by Yun Xis lethal look, so she grabbed Yun Xi and pushed her toward the couch, “What are you glaring at me for! Hurry up and go over there!”

Jiang Wanyun truly couldnt stand watching Liang Xiuqin act so harshly anymore.

Just as she stood up to walk over there, Chen Yichen had already straightened up from the arch and began walking over.

“Even if she offended someone, that person would be me.

What does that have anything to do with you”

Chen Yichen walked up, and his harsh eyes swept toward Liang Xiuqin.

His elegant and handsome face was ingrained with unconcealed disdain and disgust.

“Youre the so-calledbiological mother who hasnt raised her for a day in over ten years, so what right do you have to take advantage of the great favor the Chen family owes to Yun Xi Youre shameless enough to elicit favors from us Are you even worthy of that”

“I…” Liang Xiuqin hadnt even opened her mouth to flatter Chen Yichen when she saw him walking over.

Instead, she was sternly berated, and her face turned pale before flushing.

“I heard that when Yun Xi lived in the countryside, Grandfather Yun was the one to send her monthly living allowances.

You havent even completed your duties as a mother for even one day, so what right do you have to stand here and scold Yun Xi”

His grandfather spared Grandfather Yuns face by not humiliating him and making things awkward for both families.

However, this didnt mean that Chen Yichen was also good-tempered enough to freely allow his savior to be bullied.

This little creature was not a fool, nor was she weak.

He could tell that she would launch a counter-attack.

But he truly couldnt stand watching Liang Xiuqins shrewd and harsh face.

This woman was a world of difference from his own mother!

With the contrast provided by Liang Xiuqin today, he finally realized that his own mother was a born-again saint!


Chen… no, its not as youre saying.

It was this wretched girl…”

Liang Xiuqin wanted nothing more than to dig a hole in the ground after being so rudely exposed by a younger person.

This was truly too humiliating!

Chen Yichen coldly shot a warning glance at her.

“Shut your mouth!”

Chen Yichen had just become an adult, but he already possessed the authority and heroic spirit of an adult in his eyes.

His naturally authoritative and commanding aura was enough to scare Liang Xiuqin into turning pale!

“Yun Xi is my savior and the one who saved my life, not you.

Theres no need for you to elicit favors from us, nor will we accept anything from you!

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