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Chapter 474: Hunter That Fought The Oriole

As if thinking of something, Li Zilan mockingly glanced at the man under the tree with his eyes closed as he basked in the sunset.

“Young Marshal Mu, your sweetheart is happily celebrating Christmas with someone else right now while eating fragrant and spicy food.

Yet, you are here lying in ambush and feeding the mosquitoes.

How unjust towards you!”

“Im willing to allow it!” Mu Feichi opened his eyes slightly.

Under the dim light of the sunset, his cold and handsome face seemed to be suppressing some sort of emotion with coldness.

“Well, youve basically lost your common sense because of that girl, so what wouldnt you be willing to allow!”

Mu Feichi snorted softly.

He actually didnt like the fact that she was with another man at the moment!

Especially Han Yaotian, a man who deliberately approached her with ulterior motives!

Had it not been for the fact that he was cooperating with her, he would have rushed over to take her away now!

He himself spoiled her by pampering her so indulgently, so who else can he blame now He can only blame himself!

When it was almost dark, Qi Yuan hurried over and nodded towards Mu Feichi in the dim night.

“Young Marshal Mu, its already done.

We arrested half of that mans people, and weve replaced them all.

He wasnt among the arrested people.”

Mu Feichi snorted softly.

“Why be so anxious The good show hasnt started yet!”

Lin Sen wanted the praying mantis to catch the cicada and the oriole, so they would be the last hunters to fight the oriole.

“Keep the notice, and no matter what the result is, I only need that girl to be intact, otherwise…”

Before Mu Feichis words were finished, Qi Yuan replied respectfully, “Yes! I understand!”

If that girl got injured in any way, as for what would happen, needless to say, they all knew!

Now, for the people in the Mu Corporation, the most terrifying person wasnt Young Marshal Mu, but the girl!

If anything happened to her, given Young Marshal Mus current unreasonable state, no doubt a group of people will suffer the consequences!

After that girl was kidnapped last time, Young Marshal Mu ruthlessly set an example by punishing the culprits, so Crocodile was probably apprehensive now!

If anything happened to that girl this time, Young Marshal Mu would probably disregard the balance of the power dynamic in Jingdu and directly bring down the Han family!

In the restaurant ofSigda Hotel, Yun Xi ordered herself a cup of bubble tea, and ordered Yang Lu the sago pudding that she liked.

When passing the menu to Li Sinuo, Yun Xi discreetly motioned for the waiter to recommend the Corn Milk, prepared by the person arranged by Mu Feici, to Li Sinuo.

Corn Milk was the signature beverage of Sigda Hotel.

The warm creamy and sweet beverage was especially suitable for winter.

When Li Sinuo heard the waiters recommendation, then looked at the five-star menu printed on the menu, she thought that it was probably much more high end than bubble tea, which could be found everywhere on the streets, so she chose Corn Milk without thinking much about it.

Yun Xi saw right through Li Sinuo.

Han Yaotian wasnt thinking about eating, he kept pestering Yun Xi to talk about Mu Feichis various preferences instead.

Yun Xi avoided the topic by smoothly beating around the bush, and Han Yaotian didnt get anything out of her even till the end.

After spending so many years with him in her last life, Yun Xi still knew how to deal with Han Yaotian, and how to stir the topic towards him.

However, Li Sinuo was very good at finding topics to chat about, and with her there, they didnt have to worry about awkward silences.

While drinking milk tea, Yun Xi listened to her chatting with Han Yaotian.

They were both smooth talkers.

Han Yaotian was smarmy and Li Sinuo was wordly.

They got along extremely well together.

Looking at Li Sinuo, Yun Xi couldnt help but think that if Li Sinuos slickness and worldliness could be used in the right way, she might be able to become a strong career woman in the workplace in the future.

It was a pity that she was too narrow-minded and too short-sighted, so she was doomed to never rise above the ranks.

Since their conversation was going so well, Yun Xi didnt have to rack her brains for ways to deal with Hao Yantians interrogation.

Midway through, Yang Lu received a call from home, saying that her mother was ill and asking her to go back quickly.

Yun Xi asked the waiter to send her to the entrance for her to take a taxi home.

Only after driving her away can the good show start.

After checking the time, Yun Xi used the excuse that she couldnt go home too late to ask Han Yaotian, with his bodyguards, to take her and Li Sinuo home.

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