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Chapter 459: Want to Fight Alongside Me

After quickly stopping the bleeding, Yun Xi listened to the sounds coming from outside.

It seemed as if the sounds were decreasing, but listening to them became torturous for Yun Xi.


Chen, dont move.

This car has been modified, so youre safe here.

I will go and help him.”

Chen Ziqu grabbed her arm and said sternly, “No! There are too many people out there, and, if you are even a little careless, you could get killed.

Youre only a child.

Its safer for you to stay in the car.”

At this time, Yun Xi could no longer think about her safety.

When she thought of Mu Feichi dealing with so many people outside alone, perhaps all of them elites, she couldnt stay calm at all.

There was no way she could stay here and hide under his protection with any peace of mind.

“Im a child who reacts quickly and runs fast so dont worry about me.

Do not get up, and stay in the car!”

With that said, she quickly got up and was about to get out of the car, when her arm was grabbed by Chen Ziqu.

He glanced at her weakly and said in a hoarse voice, “Be careful.”

Yun Xi was caught off guard, and nodded without thinking.

The only response she gave to him was the sound of the car door being opened.

Jumping into the grass, Yun Xis eyes struggled to adapt to the darkness after being in the bright car.

The back of her hand was cut several times by weeds, but she didnt care about that.

Her only thought was to rush to Mu Feichis side.

There was only one thought on her mind: she wanted him to be safe.

Discerning noises coming from various directions, she paused in the darkness.

At this point, Li Zilan hadnt yet taught her how to discern the direction that sounds came from, so it took much strenuous effort for her to figure out the direction.

Her nerves tensed up immediately, and, squatting in the grass stiffly, she dared not move.

Taking a deep breath, she eased her tight nerves and crawled toward the direction of the sounds on the right.

“Dont move!” As soon as she approached, someone discovered her.

Yun Xi was stunned and raised her head to look at the bodyguards surrounding her.

Mu Feichi also turned his head, and when he saw her, his dark eyes gleamed fiercely.

“Shes my people, so get away from her!”

Mu Feichi moved over quietly and dragged Yun Xi to hide behind a small hill with him.

In the night, Mu Feichis eyes were fixated on Yun Xi coldly and sternly.

“Brat! Who asked you to come over here Have you disregarded my words again” His angry voice roared through his gritted teeth.

“It doesnt make sense that I can only enjoy success with you.

I can share adversities with you as well.”

In response to his intense rage, Yun Xi raised her hand and touched his face.

Her clear eyes were determined.

Mu Feichi was stunned.

Even though booming noises were echoing in his ears, at this moment, the sounds were as exciting as a symphony to him.

She took a weapon out of her pocket and handed it to him.

Her fiery eyes sparkled like stars in the dark night.

Staring at her with a sullen expression in his eyes, Mu Feichi stretched out his hands to clasp her neck.

His sober mind was instantly overwhelmed by waves of bittersweet emotions.

This woman was destined to accompany him to the top.

His little woman obviously had little ability yet, but she hadnt abandoned him in order to save her own life.

For him, shed risked her life and come out to help him.

This stubborn little rascal made his heart ache.

Leaning over, he kissed her lips passionately.

He felt bittersweet helplessness deep inside.

“Want to fight alongside me”

Yun Xi nodded.

She couldnt care less about not being taken seriously at this moment.

“Then wait until you learn how to save your own life first!”

Mu Feichi stretched out his arm and hugged her tightly.

He got a whiff of her pleasant body scent and felt the softness of her body.

“Be obedient then.

There are many people on the other side, and all of them are elite combatants.

Youre no match for them.”

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