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Chapter 454: I Have No Obligation to Be Other Peoples Nanny

Mu Feichi climbed down from Yun Xis bedroom and got into his car that was parked outside waiting for him.

Qi Yuan handed the information he had just received to the man in the back seat.

“Young Marshal Mu, I have investigated this matter.

The sample came from a biological research institute of a foreign-funded enterprise.

The person in charge of this research institute had contact with that man.

Its very likely that the virus was spread by him.”

“Keep a close eye on that research institute.

I think its shady.

I also want you to investigate to see who else might be involved.”

Mu Feichi flipped through the information that Qi Yuan had given him.

The biological research institute was not within the area of interests they habitually monitored.

Now that a new virus had suddenly appeared, and it appeared to have come from this lab, they must thoroughly investigate it.

This lab could also be involved in the development of other things, which could mean big trouble.

Moreover, if there were prominent families surreptitiously involved with this research institute, then he needed to follow the trail and eliminate them all in one fell swoop.

“Yes! I have already started ordering people to investigate.

Verifying the identity of who is behind this research institute isnt going to be easy.

Ive been asking people to try to discover personnel working in the lab.

Only by going inside undercover can we conduct a deeper investigation.”

“All right, but be careful.

We dont want to startle the snake.”

“Yes! I understand!”

Li Zilan was the leader of Group 1, and her people rivaled those of Qi Yuan and Feng Rui.

Qi Yuan had total confidence in Group 1.

“What about the Zhao family Has there been any movement recently”

“With the secret support of Young Marshal Mu and Second Young Master Jiang, the Zhao family had recently gained a lot of benefits.

Since the Zhao family has been in great financial shape recently, theyve let their guard down and the mole we arranged to infiltrate them has successfully gotten inside.”

“Is he reliable”


“Thats very good.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so are the things I asked you to prepare ready”

“Its all ready.” Qi Yuan turned his head and glanced at the person in the rearview mirror.

“Young Marshal Mu wants to take Miss Yun out to play”

“Yeah.” Closing the file in his hand, Mu Feichi replied airily, “Let Su Hang know whats going on at that lab, and try to think of a way to get their antiviral medicine and send it to him.”

“This is already underway.

This is a new drug they have just developed.

Its being kept under tight security.

It might take a while to get it.”

“The Zhao familys affairs should be reported directly to Jiang Chenghuan from now on.

Let him be responsible for this project.

I have no obligation to be other peoples nanny.”

Qi Yuan was caught off guard by this comment and asked a little confusedly, “Young Marshal Mu, didnt you say youd support the Zhao family”

He knew that he was doing everything by himself, so why had he suddenly changed his mind today and wanted to let Second Young Master Jiang take responsibility for this

“The Jiang family can also support the Zhao family.

Its not that I dont care about it, but Jiang Chenghuan is more suited to take care of this matter than I am, dont you understand”

The future heiress of the Zhao family had already been handed over to Jiang Chenghuan for training, and Mu Feichi wasnt interested in taking credit for other peoples hard work.

Qi Yuan understood immediately.

He smiled and nodded.

“I understand!”

It was the Christmas Eve of yet another year.

Holding a cup of hot milk tea and wiping the mist from the glass window, Yun Xi stood watching the little snowflakes that were flying around outside.

The fateful Christmas Eve from her previous life felt surreal and worlds away.

At that time, she had been standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of a restaurant where she had been waiting for hours, yet Han Yaotian had never shown up.

With lovesick couples all around her, shed felt especially lonely and despondent.

Han Yaotian would never understand, but, after loving him for so many years, she had really thought about giving up at that moment.

Upon being reborn and now looking back on the past, she realized that she was no longer desperately in love with that heartless and cold-blooded man as she had been in the past.

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