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Chapter 449: My Little Tigress

“Thats a good idea!”

After hearing Yun Xis arrangement, Zhao Yumo jumped up from her chair in approval.

As if they were telepathic, the two of them had thought of the same thing.

“Since you think its a good idea as well, keep up the act and stay in the hospital to recover.

Dont go back home or to school for the time being.”

Zhao Yumo nodded, then turned her head and glanced at Jiang Chenghuan.

With a pitiful expression on her face, she narrowed her eyes and leaned toward him.

“Second Young Master Jiang, please give me shelter.”

“Its safer for you to go to the hospital.” Jiang Chenghuan pushed her away and glanced at Mu Feichi.

“I will have someone take care of what youve arranged.

If theres nothing else, well be leaving.”

With that said, disregarding whether Zhao Yumo had any unfinished business, he directly dragged her away by her collar.

Yun Xi glanced at the two people who had just left, then at Su Hang, who was wearing protective clothing in preparation for entering the laboratory to start the battle against this virus.

“Do you need me to stay and help Although someone has developed this new virus, they might not necessarily have developed an antiviral to counteract it.

You working alone is not very safe.”

“I wouldnt dare bother you.

Youd better go home and rest.

If I have any questions, Ill call you to discuss them.”

Su Hang glanced at the gloomy expression in Young Marshal Mus eyes.

If he had dared to keep her here to help him with his research, Young Marshal Mu would probably have killed him.

Mu Feichi was willing to risk his own life to protect her, so if something were to happen to her here in this lab, he would probably hand Su Hang his head on a platter.

Any problem could be discussed on the phone anyway, and the combination equation shed given him last time had solved his problems at once.

He was still astonished about how capable this little girl was.

Yun Xi nodded.

“All right then, take care of yourself.

If there are any accidents or infections, you have to notify me immediately.”

“I know.

Im not the only one here.

There are plenty of people here to help me, so dont worry.”

Yun Xi certainly knew that he wasnt the only one here.

There were guards all around the large laboratory, and there were many other rooms around that she hadnt explored yet.

Shed never taken a tour, and so naturally she didnt know if he had assistants or anything.

Since hed said there was no need to worry, she didnt worry anymore.

“Young Marshal Mu will also quickly search for the source of the virus and find the antiviral that hopefully they have developed as soon as possible.

That should save you from taking too many risks.”

“Okay, you guys go home now.

Make sure you take care for the next few days.”


After getting into the car, Yun Xi glanced at the person in the drivers seat.

Hed probably raced over as soon as hed received her news and was driving a superb sports car.

Flashy sports cars didnt really suit men like Mu Feichi, whose image was more cold and iron-fisted.

“Young Marshal Mu, do you disagree with my plan”

Shed explained her plan just now, but from beginning to end, Mu Feichi hadnt said a single word.

His face had been extremely gloomy, so she didnt dare risk provoking him.


“Then whats with your sulky expression You look as if I owe you millions.”

“If you owed me millions, would I have this expression”

Mu Feichi turned his head to look at the adorable little girl next to him, then raised his hand and caressed her head.

“I just feel very happy.

The woman I love can be both a white rabbit and a tigress.”

Yun Xis mouth twitched.


Mu three years old, are you sure you didnt use the wrong word

D*mn him! Can calling someone a tigress be regarded as a compliment If he wanted to compliment her, he shouldve picked a better word, shouldnt he

“Yep, my little tigress.”

“Get lost, Im not yours.”

“Sooner or later you will be mine.

You wont escape me in this lifetime.”

“Hmph…as if Im afraid of you.” Yun Xi turned her head away, then nonchalantly changed the topic.

“However, the combination of a little tigress and a big bad wolf is too intense.

Young Marshal Mu, you should find yourself a little wolf.”

“Tigers and wolves are often used as pairs in idioms, so why cant you and I work”


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