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Chapter 446: He Didnt Just Want Her Body, He Wanted Her Heart.

Yun Xi glanced at the sulky man across from her, walked forward, rubbed his face with her hands, and then deliberately leaned in and sniffed him.

“Young Marshal Mu, can I smell that youre still fuming Dont be so nervous.

You cant prevent bad things from happening to me, so I need to have the ability to protect myself.”

Mu Feichi turned his head and his dark eyes looked sullen.

“Do you think I cant protect you”

The best way to prevent her from getting hurt was to eliminate the source of the danger.

He didnt mind disrupting his plans as long as it benefited her, and he was willing to resort to any means.

For him, gains and losses in the world didnt matter, but he simply couldnt live with the risk of losing her.

Yun Xi shook her head seriously.


Of course, she knew what he was worried about, and naturally she also knew what his mood was at the moment.

“That man is a big fish.

You need to use him to catch Crocodile.

Some matters are urgent.

You cant change all your plans because of me.

Even if it werent about Li Sinuo, I could still encounter this sort of situation in the future.

If I dont have the ability to protect myself, I could run into the same kind of trouble.

You have to believe that I can protect myself.”

Hoping that she would grow up, but also hoping to shelter her under his own wings, Mu Feichi looked at her helplessly.

These sort of contradictory and conflicting feelings were finally conquered by the clear eyes that were standing looking at him.

Since he loved her, he would do anything in his power to satisfy her.

Only by being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him would they be able to go far together.

“Young Marshal Mu, its better to teach people how to fish rather than give them the fish directly.”

Yun Xi smiled and looked at the man standing in front of her.

Her eyes were dazzling, and her stubborn yet alluring face appeared fearless and determined.

She embodied solitary courage.

This was the woman he, Mu Feichi, admired.

She was as brave and stubborn as an invincible queen.

“Okay, whatever you say.” Mu Feichi sighed, then from the living room, he glanced at the snow that was falling outside.

There was slight anticipation in his dark eyes as he asked softly, “It will be Christmas Eve and Christmas in a few days.

How do you want to celebrate”

“Why celebrate a foreign holiday”

Yun Xi glanced at him, then turned around and sat down beside Great White.

Sensing someone nearby, Great White raised his head as he awoke from sleep.

He saw that it was Yun Xi who had sat down beside him.

Great White moved his paw and laid it down directly on Yun Xis thigh.

Great White changed its position and then continued sleeping.

Mu Feichi glanced at Great White, who was taking advantage of her, and his face immediately darkened.

He raised his feet under Great Whites two paws and moved Great White from her legs to the floor.

Great White raised his head and glanced at his owner.

He then looked where Mu Feichi had moved his paws, and he seemed heartbroken.

Christmas was approaching, so red-and-green holiday lights were everywhere on the streets of Jingdu and various versions of Christmas songs echoed in peoples ears.

Just in case, Yun Xi had reminded Zhao Yumo to be vigilant about anything she ate in school, especially from her thermos that she kept under her desk.

In the cold weather, almost every student had a thermos from which they drank water.

The more difficult it was to guard against, the more they had to beware.

After Zhao Yumo was tipped off, in order to keep up her act, she continued to pour water every day into her cup, but she didnt dare actually drink it.

The same went for Yun Xi.

In order to deceive anyone who might be watching her, her life appeared to go on as usual.

After coming out of school, she and Zhao Yumo got into Mu Feichis car, which he had arranged for them, and asked the driver to take them both to Su Hangs laboratory in order to test the water in their thermoses.

They did these tests every day, and, as expected, poison was detected only in Yun Xis drinking glass.

On the other hand, in Zhao Yumos cup, a virus had been detected in the place where the cup touched Zhao Yumos lips.

“Girls, who did you two offend Not only is there poison, but viruses as well.”

Her face gloomy, Yun Xi looked at the viroplasm magnified many times under a microscope.

“This virus was probably cultivated in a laboratory.

Its an infectious virus that can make people seem like they simply have a cold or a fever, but it can invade and kill all the cells of the immune system.

It is likely to cause fever, bleeding, infection, and vomiting.

Worst case scenario: dehydration, heart failure, or death.”

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