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Chapter 445: I Know What It Tastes Like Now

Li Zilan pulled over a chair, sat down, and crossed her legs.

She had the air of a domineering queen.

With her short hair, dark green eyeshadow, red lips, black leather trousers, and black boots, she looked especially edgy today.

“Its strange to mention that.”

Yun Xi stretched out her hand to take the folder and flipped through the information inside it.

The amount of information that had been gathered on them wasnt a lot.

“Hes a businessman, so how can he handle this kind of thing himself If this business information wasnt going to be used by him, it was definitely going to be used by someone else.”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes and they flickered with interest.

“If he gave these things to Li Sinuo…then maybe they were supposed to be used against me.”

She was now in her most important year, the senior year of high school.

If she got involved in any kind of irreversible accidents, she might not be able to take the college entrance examination.

Li Zilan also wore a solemn expression.

“Theres no way to investigate these sorts of things at the moment.

After all, hes handled things personally.

We dont want to startle the snake recklessly.

You have to be very careful.”

Yun Xi nodded, then turned to look at Mu Feichi, who was sitting with a serious expression on his face.

“Young Marshal Mu, can you get me something”

Mu Feichis face sank, and he suddenly turned to look at her.

“What do you want to do”

“Get a taste of what its like.”

Mu Feichi snorted, and his icy dark eyes radiated coldness.

“Dont even think about it!”

When he thought about how shed tried a drug out on herself last time, hed been scared out of his wits.

This time, she was asking to dare to try poison.

“How will I know the taste of it if I dont try it If she really tries to poison me, I wont know.

Im not going to drink it.

I just want to familiarize myself with the taste in order to stay on my guard.”

“Dont even think about it.

I wont give it to you, but I can ask Su Hang to send you something with the same taste.”

“That exists Are you sure it tastes the same”

In her last life, she hadnt tasted what it was that had poisoned her, nor had she ever been exposed to such things.

She only knew the approximate ingredients, so she wasnt confident that she could identify it.

If Li Sinuo dared to try and poison her, if she couldnt tell what the poison was, she wouldnt even know if she were really getting poisoned.

“How would I know Do you think Im someone who has taken that sort of stuff”

“…” Yun Xi bit her lip and didnt dare say anything further.

Because shed wanted to try poison, shed infuriated him as a result.

Li Zilan had a hunch that his rage was about to be vented on her.

Not wanting to be a punching bag, Li Zilan quickly got up and left the cafeteria without looking back.

Su Hang delivered the things quickly, and, as soon as he saw Mu Feichis grim expression, he guessed what it was for.

He repeatedly confirmed that although these medicines were also made of chemical agents, as long as they werent consumed, there would be no side effects.

Staring straight at Yun Xi, Mu Feichi wouldnt even look at him, for fear that she would drink it accidentally.

Su Hang didnt dare drive away.

He was a doctor after all, so if this girl accidentally drank some, he would still have to find a way to rescue her.

If he wasnt there and something happened to Yun Xi, Mu Feichi would get furious and Su Hang shivered as he imagined what the consequences for him could be.

In reality, Yun Xi didnt have any idea about the doses, so she could only estimate and try a little bit so that she could at least remember the taste.

With tensed-up nerves, Su Hang watched as she took one sip at a time, and then spit it out mouthful by mouthful.

Yun Xi raised her eyes and glanced at the man who had been staring at her from across the room.

She didnt dare to be careless at all.

In her clear state of mind, she remembered things faster and more accurately.

“All right, I know what it tastes like now, thank you.”

After the trials, she threw the medicine into the trash can and put a knot in the trash bag.

Su Hang glanced at Mu Feichi, quickly away carried the trash bag, and left.

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