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Chapter 444: I Havent even Died yet, and You already Want to Marry Someone else

Mu Feichi put his hand through her arms and clasped her leg.

His handsome face loomed over her, smiling, as his body pressed her down on the big bed.

Yun Xi grit her teeth and glared at him like a small beast confronting its mortal enemy.

Obviously, she had no chance of beating him, but she still refused to admit defeat, run away, or bow down.

How dignified and proud she was.

“Babe, if your legs had been in a different position, you wouldve lost your fortune permanently.”

“What the h*ll are you talking about Let me go!”

Yun Xi angrily moved the leg he was clasping.

As soon as she moved, he let go.

Catching him off guard, she kicked out at his lower abdomen.

He groaned.

Losing his balance, he fell directly onto her.

Yun Xi was stunned momentarily.

Thinking that he was going to crush her, her first reflex was to close her eyes and stretch out her hands to push him away.

However, she waited for a long time without feeling any sensation of something heavy pushing down on her, so she opened her eyes timidly.

As soon as she opened her eyes, Mu Feichis charming, handsome face leaned forward and nibbled at her lip.

His irresistibly masculine breath lingered on the tip of her nose, and the kiss that he gave her was refreshingly sweet.

Being pressed on the bed by him in such a dangerous position, Yun Xi didnt dare to move at all.

She didnt resist or struggle.

She knew better than anyone that on the hunting ground, the prey resisting the hunter would only further motivate the hunter to subdue its prey.

Even if he was a soldier with iron willpower, just as sometimes guns could accidentally discharge, there would always be times when he could lose self-control.

She didnt have the guts to challenge Mu Feichis self-control.

Sure enough, when he didnt get any reaction from her, Mu Feichi slowly let go, straightened up, and looked down at the stubbornly annoying little rascal in front of him.

He chuckled lightly.

With his eyes down, he moved his head toward her ear and exhaled erotically.

There was a slightly mirthful expression on his face.

“All right now, dont be so nervous.

I wont eat you.” Even if he did want to eat her, it wouldnt be right here or right now.

He didnt just want her body, he wanted her heart.

Upon seeing her blushing face, he chuckled and kissed her on the cheek longingly.

“Get u, and lets go eat something.

Today, the butler asked the kitchen to make the shrimp dumplings and red bean cakes that you like to eat.”

He stood up after rolling off her.

Then he picked her up from the bed.

Upon seeing her finally snap back to reality, he raised his hand and caressed her head.

“Why, were you really scared out of your wits”

Lifting her head, Yun Xi looked at the irresistibly gentle man in front of her with a speechless expression.

“Young Marshal Mu, you always behave like a hooligan toward me, so I definitely wont be able to marry you in the future.”

“Im doing this so you definitely wont be able to marry anyone else in the future, so that you can only marry me in the future.

What are you talking about I havent even died yet, and you already want to marry someone else”

“…” This topic could not be discussed.

She didnt answer him.

She wasnt going to say anything else about it.

She pushed him away and got up from the bed.

Mu Feichi really didnt help her.

He treated her like an ostrich every time she mentioned this issue.

All right, he was the one who liked pampering her so much, so her being so spoiled was his own fault.

He couldnt blame anyone but himself.

While they were eating, Li Zilan walked in carrying a folder.

Glancing at the serious young couple eating silently, she chuckled.

“Yo, are you two eating lunch or dinner”

At this weird time of 4 oclock in the afternoon, it definitely was enough to make people wonder.

“Its afternoon tea.

Do you have a problem with it” Mu Feichi raised his head challengingly.

He picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth as he asked, “Whats the situation”

“Cobra made a move.” Li Zilan passed the folder she was holding to him.

Cobra was a high-ranking member of Crocodiles organization, and he was also Li Sinuos sugar daddy.

Mu Feichi opened the folder and glanced at it, frowning.

“They only demanded such a small amount of product This isnt like something he would normally do.”

Cobra was a big fish who ranked high in Crocodiles organization.

He usually didnt deal with drugs, so it was suspicious why he had gotten such a small batch of drugs at this time.

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