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Chapter 442: She Could Go as Far as She Wanted on This Road

After more than three hours, the lights in the operating room finally went out.

Those three long hours had felt like prolonged torture for those anxiously waiting outside.


Joseph took off his mask as he came out.

His first sentence was to congratulate the eager Si Jingting in Chinese, “Congratulations, Patriarch of the Si family.

Madames operation was successful.

Miss Yun and I cooperated very well.”

Everyones hearts finally hit the ground.

Mu Feichi raised his eyes and looked at Mu Chongli, who had been sitting across from him looking very nervous, and sneered slightly.

He felt disdainful of his father for making such a big deal out of it and by coming here with the intention of watching Yun Xi make a fool of herself.

But Mu Chongli felt amused when he saw his sons proud face.

From childhood to now, he had never seen such an immature expression on his sons face.

It was like…the precious son hed raised had been snatched right from his fingers.

They havent even become a family yet, but he was already so self-contained.

Si Jingting looked at Yun Xi, whod come out behind Mr.

Joseph, with a serious and respectful expression, and then reached out to her.

“Miss Yun, thank you!”

Yun Xis gaze followed the outstretched hand, and she looked at Si Jingting, the head of the Si family.

With a serious expression, the head of the Si family looked full of awe and respect for her as a doctor.

He was acknowledging her medical skills.

This gave her a sense of security.

She could go as far as she wanted down this road with more determination in the future.

Stretching out her hand, she shook hands with Si Jingting.

Smiling, she simply said, “It is the duty of a doctor to save lives and heal the wounded.”

Yun Xi glanced at Si Wenxuan, who was also waiting outside, and said mockingly, “Miss Si, would you like to thank me too”

Si Wenxuan felt choked by her words.

All her previous astonishment and incredulity had disappeared and had been replaced by envy.

“You werent the chief surgeon, but just an assistant.

What is there to gloat about”

All she probably had done was pass over a scalpel or wipe the doctors sweat away, yet she was acting so smug about it.

What Si Wenxuan didnt know was that this time, Professor Joseph had asked her to participate in the entire operation.

The two of them had cooperated with each other seamlessly.

It was precisely because of his absolute trust in Yun Xis expertise that Professor Joseph had dared to make the bold decision to worry about the consequences afterward.

It turned out that his decision had been right.

Yun Xi smiled and turned to look at the group of experts and other distinguished guests waiting outside.

She unexpectedly saw…Mu Chongli…

This was the first time she had ever seen the elder master of the Mu family, Mu Feichis father, in real life instead of on TV.

This man seemed a little different from what she had imagined.

Shed thought a man who had been willing to introduce his son to the business world for training at such a young age would be ruthless and cold-blooded, but he didnt seem all that scary.

It was just that those eyes that were sizing her up were so piercing and made her wish she could turn invisible.

No one spoke.

The medical staff had transferred Xiao Weijun to the intensive care unit.

During the three-hour observation period, all the doctors had to wait outside.

Days of studying and familiarizing herself with the medical plan had made Yun Xi tense, and she hadnt dared to relax for even a moment.

At the end of the operation, shed felt a little tired.

Sitting on the floor in the doorway, she struggled to stay awake during the three-hour observation period, but somehow, at the end, shed fallen asleep.

Mu Feichi looked at the figure sleeping sitting on the floor leaning against the wall, and his entire face became contorted with emotional anguish.

After Dr.

Joseph came out to verify that there had been no problem, he caught a glimpse of the figure asleep on the ground and he smiled helplessly also.

Feeling his heart ache, Mu Feichi leaned down and picked her up.

His handsome face appeared gloomy, and he left without saying good-bye to anyone.

Si Wenxuan grit her teeth and glared at Mu Feichi leaving with Yun Xi in his embrace.

Her eyes burned with jealousy.

Mu Chongli lowered his eyes and chuckled to himself.

His son, huh…it was true that the right woman could melt even the most sturdy iron.

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