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Chapter 441: I Want a Wife

Without Liang Xiuqin in the Yun family, Yun Xi lived a peaceful life for a while.

In order to conduct a comprehensive examination and preparation for the operation, Mu Feichi had asked the hospital to arrange a building for Yun Xi to personally supervise and prepare all the necessary equipment and instruments.

Discussing the operation plan for Mrs.

Si with Mr.

Joseph and several other experts, Yun Xi stayed in the hospital all day on Saturday.

With Mu Feichis support behind her, nobody in the entire hospital dared to offend her.

Therefore, Yun Xi had specially bought a box of sticky rice rolls to express her gratitude toward her benefactor.

Mu Feichi glanced at the box of sticky rice rolls sprinkled with soy flour and frowned.

“Youre trying to make me happy with this”

At a loss for words, Yun Xi looked at the man sitting in the car, and she could sense his dissatisfaction even through the car door.

“Then what do you want As long as you mention it and as long as I have it…”

“I want a wife for the Mu family.”

“I really dont have that.”

“See, I mentioned it, but you wont give it to me.

Then why did you tease me by saying that as long as I mentioned something you have you would give it to me Babe, arent you as generous as I am”

Yun Xis face got dark.

She really wanted to smash the entire box of sticky rice rolls into his face.

“Forget it.” She coughed slightly, then looked at him angrily.

“Young Marshal Mu, can you mention something realistic that I can actually do”

“Yes.” Mu Feichi nodded and then hooked his finger to motion for her to come closer.

Yun Xi was confused, and thinking he was going to whisper something, she leaned over.

As soon as she got close, he yanked her into the car.

Yun Xi struggled furiously, and it took much strenuous effort to break free from his iron grip.

Gasping for breath, she glared at him in annoyance.

Her intelligent eyes were so clear, and her rosy-cheeked face was so tender that Mu Feichi had the urge to eat her up.

“Young Marshal Mu, can you behave more appropriately in public”

He wanted to bite her because she looked so delicious.

“All right, Ill behave more appropriately now.

Im doing what I want to do, so how is that inappropriate”

“Youre so slick! Im not going to mess around with you any longer if you dont mind your manners.

There were so many things to do in the hospital today, and Im still busy!”

“Go take care of all your business.

I will wait for you.”


She didnt rest at all once she got busy, so Mu Feichi felt a little worried for his little woman.

Especially after finding out that she was trying so hard to treat Madame Si for his sake, he felt even more helpless.

But he wasnt stupid.

At the young age of 20, hed become regarded as the iron-fisted Young Marshal Mu in Jingdu, and he wasnt a brainless fool who only knew how to do business.

He knew how to hide his true strength and also knew how to hide his weaknesses.

The power dynamic of Jingdu was balanced, and he never interfered with it.

Even though he was the head of the Mu family, he rarely interfered with other families.

Only this time, when training the Zhao family to replace the Han family in the future, did he harbor selfish intentions.

Even though the Mu family had always been kind to the patriarch of the Si family so the Si family wouldnt easily attack the Mu family, hed also made a backup plan early on just in case.

Her worrying about him so much made her seem like the Mu familys madame, and it made his heart ache, but it also made him very happy.

He looked at the figure who was already asleep in the car, turned up the heating, and drove to the villa complex.

The ride felt both long and short, and he even hoped that time would stop.

But from the bottom of his heart, he also hoped that time would pass faster.

It wasnt easy waiting for his little woman to grow up.

He must be wary of any men with ulterior motives, as well as young boys who were willing to fight for her.

The road was long, but he still had to continue to wait slowly.

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