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Chapter 433: What Was the Price of Pride

The top 50 candidates from the biology competition could enter the training team.

Candidates on the training team had the qualifications to be recommended to and choose which prestigious universities they wanted to be admitted to.

The entire competition committee was responsible for organizing the test.

Two contestants would be selected from the winter camp to represent the country in the International Biology Olympiad, which would be the final contest.

The final contest would be held during the first week of school next year, so there was still plenty of time.

Although Zhou Chengzhe was one of the 50 people on the training team, it wasnt certain whether he would be one of the two contestants selected from the winter camp.

As soon as the competition ended, Yun Xi was surrounded by a group of students from her school whod come to either watch or compete.

When Yun Xi finally emerged from the crowd, Zhou Chengzhe walked over to her.

Suddenly, everyone remembered Zhou Chengzhe challenging her and the rumors that had been raging around school recently.

Zhao Yumo had even unceremoniously added fuel to the fire by saying, “Zhou Chengzhe, do we still need to apologize to you in front of the teachers and students of the school If you still doubt our academic strength, then we will see you at the English competition.

I have nothing to do right now, so Id be happy to vie for first place with you.


Zhao Yumo turned around and gave Yun Xi a sly look.

“To tell you the truth, it is indeed true that I pitied you and purposely allowed you to get first place.

Since youve been so unappreciative, then we had no choice but to clear our names ourselves.

We were never interested in studying abroad in the first place and didnt plan on participating, but since you yourself came to pick a fight with us, we accepted the challenge.

If we snatch the chance to study abroad away from you, dont blame us.”

He had dug his own grave.

It was his fault, so he couldnt blame Yun Xi for being merciless.

Hed ruined his future all by himself.

However, Li Sinuo also had much credit to claim here, so there was no way they would take the blame for her.

The mention of the challenge and the apologies had already made Zhou Chengzhe extremely humiliated.

But when they said that it was his own self-destructive actions that had made them compete with him for the opportunity to study abroad, Zhou Chengzhe became even more exasperated and had the urge to rush forward to fight Zhao Yumo.

So what if theyd humiliated him What was the price of pride compared to a full-tuition scholarship to study abroad

When he had everything, would he be afraid of them looking down on him

However, everything that had been at his fingertips had been destroyed by both of them.

If they had minded their own business, nothing wouldve happened, yet now hed managed to dig his own grave.

“Zhao Yumo, please dont go too far.” Unable to bear it any longer, Zhou Chengzhes veins bulged on his tightly clenched fists.

“Im going too far” Zhao Yumo sneered.

“What did I do You cant afford to lose, yet you blamed me”

Zhou Chengzhe wanted to say something else, but Yun Xi interjected airily, “Yumo, the contest is over, so lets go!”

“Okay! Lets go and celebrate with hot pot.”

Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhe and curled her lips mockingly.

“Classmate Zhou, you need to be cautious when issuing your next official challenge, lest you regret it for life.”

“Yun Xi, just you wait.

Theres still winter camp and the final competition.

I wont lose to you.”

“Well see then.”

Too lazy to talk nonsense with him, Yun Xi dragged Zhao Yumo to talk to her homeroom teacher and biology teacher and then left the venue directly.

As soon as they left the competition venue, a black vehicle stopped in front of them.

Yun Xi glanced at the one-of-a-kind car and narrowed her eyes at the man who got out of the car.

“Ah! Young Marshal Mu.” Zhao Yumo immediately became excited when she saw Mu Feichi.

“Get in the car.” Mu Feichi said and pulled them into the car.

Zhao Yumo scratched her nose as she watched the PDA.

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