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Chapter 428: The Favored Are Fearless

After getting in the car, Yun Xi glanced at the gloomy man sitting beside her.

After disciplining Si Wenxuan, his mood hadnt changed yet.

He appeared more sullen than usual, but also more like a mature man.

It was the first time shed ever seen someone dare to rebuke anyone of the stature of the patriarch of the Si family.

Mu Feichi was truly brazen and cocky.

As the saying goes, the favored are fearless.

Since he didnt say anything, Yun Xi poked him and asked curiously, “Young Marshal Mu, why do you hate Si Wenxuan so much She is the heiress of the Si family, and anyone with a discerning eye can see that she likes you.”

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at her with disdain on his handsome face.

“Anyone with a discerning eye can also see that I dont like her.”

“Dont get riled up.

I didnt mean anything by it.”

Yun Xi was just being nosy.

She had to admit that Si Wenxuan was really unlikable.

However, because of her status, a lot of men kissed up to her and treated her like she was a princess.

Mu Feichi, however, didnt give her the time of day.

He didnt have to kiss up to her and flatter her, since his status was nobler than hers anyway.

But even though this remark of his might have been just an offhand comment, it piqued her interest.

Mu Feichi turned his head in amusement and eyed her nonchalantly.

There was a faint gleam in his eyes.

“Babe, are you interrogating me because youre curious, or are you simply being jealous”

Yun Xi was taken aback.

She quickly realized what he was insinuating and her ears reddened.

“I meant nothing by it.

Dont let your imagination run wild.”

“Really” He leaned over her.

“How come I smell vinegar”

“…” She felt a heavy weight on her shoulders as he rested his chin there.

Then his scorching breath hit her neck, and she trembled.

“Vinegar is good for you, so please, babe, eat it often.”

His deep voice lingered in her ears.

It sounded both coaxing and coquettish.

“…” With a helpless expression on her face, Yun Xi raised her hand and pushed his face away.

Would he ever become more mature

The biology competition was on Friday, so Yun Xi went over the procedures and the plan of the surgery while reviewing her biology lessons.

Since Zhou Chengzhe had decided to challenge her, she was going to let him find out the consequences of his mistake.

Jing High School had selected ten students to participate in the competition.

Zhao Yumo wasnt interested in it, but with her grades, she couldnt refuse to participate.

This preliminary contest had a wide range of examinations, including cellular biology, biochemistry, plant and animal anatomy, organ structure, animal behavior, genetics, and evolution, all of which were subjects very familiar to Yun Xi.

Although she had graduated from school many years ago in her last life, she hadnt forgotten any basic knowledge, but she still had to go back to review everything just in case.

On the day of the preliminary competition, Yun Xi arrived at the venue early in the morning.

This years competition had more than one process for answering questions.

After the computer test, the top 50 contestants would all enter the competition, and ten winners would be selected from those 50, who would then compete in groups of five.

In the quick-answer session, most of the questions would come from things theyd learned in class, though there would also be some esoteric biology knowledge.

It was exceedingly difficult for people who didnt have an especially high interest in biology to pass this level.

Yun Xi felt a little apprehensive about this test.

After all, the knowledge she had studied recently wasnt very comprehensive, so she realized she would have to rely on her memory.

As she entered the examination room, Yun Xi glanced at Zhou Chengzhe, whod been assigned to the same examination room.

She couldnt help but size him up.

He seemed so self-assured and smug, and it appeared that he was confident of his victory.

In school, she only knew that he was very unapproachable and didnt talk to his classmates that much.

Perhaps in his eyes, they were all mentally retarded and therefore not qualified to talk to a genius like him.

She couldnt help but sneer.

“Classmate Zhou, I look forward to learning from you.

I look forward to your performance.”

Zhou Chengzhe glanced at her with disdain and sat down with a cold snort.

“You yourself seem to have started talking big too early, so dont be a sore loser.”

“The winner and loser havent been determined yet, so all this is still speculation.

Well wait and see.”

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