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Chapter 427: Her Etiquette and Manners Had Gone to the Dogs

In the presence of so many people, Si Wenxuan had been forced to suffer such extreme humiliation and embarrassment.

Leaning against the wall casually watching her make a fool of herself, Mu Feichi had acted as if everything was normal.

Upon seeing how immaturely mischievous he was, Yun Xi had to work hard to suppress her laughter.

Even in the presence of the Si family patriarch, hed really had the guts to do what hed done to Si Wenxuan.

Now, looking sheepish after falling on her face, Si Wenxuan turned in annoyance and was about to vent her fury once again, when she realized that it had been Mu Feichi whod opened the door.

She suppressed her rage.

Biting her lips with an aggrieved expression on her face, she said meekly, “Brother Chi, why didnt you say anything when you opened the door My foot hurts! It hurts…give me a hand.”

Mu Feichi glanced at her as if she was invisible and stood up straight, addressing the patriarch.

“Now that the time has been settled on, well be leaving.

Madame, please ask Dr.

Carl to keep an eye on you.

All the arrangements for the operation will be taken care of in advance.

If there is nothing else, well see you soon.”

With that, he walked over and grabbed Yun Xi by the hand, and they left.

Si Wenxuan, whod stretched out her hand in anticipation of Mu Feichi pulling her up, still sat on the ground awkwardly and watched the person she liked leave with another girl.

After all these grievances and blows, Si Wenxuan was no longer able to keep up her airs.

She could no longer resist the urge to scream at Mu Feichi.

“Mu Feichi, stop right there!”

Mu Feichi stopped.

He turned his head and looked coldly at Si Wenxuan, who still sat on the ground.

His arrogant eyes looked at her with condescension and disdain.

“Whats happened to you You havent progressed at all since you were a teenager.”

“How havent I progressed I got first place in every class I took and learned everything there was to learn.

How could I not be as good as that wretched girl”

“Just from the way youre talking to me now, its obvious that your etiquette teacher should have been fired.”

With a light snort, Mu Feichi raised his eyes to look at the patriarch of the Si family.

There was an imperceptible hint of authority in his cold voice.

“If the patriarch of the Si family has any free time, he should make an effort to discipline his daughter.

It seems to me that the etiquette and manners shes learned during the past few years are nearly nonexistent.

The tri-annual debutante ball will be held next year, and you cant possibly allow her to embarrass herself and you in front of all the heiresses and socialites, now can you”

“That seems an unnecessary thing to say.”

After being reprimanded by the junior he regarded most highly, the expression on Si Jingtings face immediately became ugly.

But Mu Feichis arrogance was well known in Jingdu, so even though he was the head of the Si family, he dared not reprimand him.

With his power, ability, and family background, his elder was biased toward him and treated him as his own son, so he could only accept the disciplinary rebuke.

Si Wenxuan didnt snap back to reality until the door had slammed shut behind Mu Feichi.

Annoyed and unwilling to give up, she got up to chase after him.

“Si Wenxuan, stop right there immediately!” Si Jingting commanded her in a low voice.

Si Wenxuan trembled and stopped.

“Dad, how can Brother Chi say those things to me I have worked very hard, so why doesnt he praise me”

She had worked so hard, and everything she had done was to be able to match Mu Feichis level, but from beginning to end he couldnt see any of her positive aspects.

She was unwilling to give up.

That wretched girl was a lowly girl.

Even the daughters of the four prominent families couldnt compare with Si Wenxuan, yet Brother Chi was so protective of a lowly girl like her.

How outrageous!

“Look at how you act.

You dont even have the most basic etiquette that a sophisticated heiress should have.

Even I feel infuriated by your behavior, so how could he praise you”

Si Jingting looked at his spoiled daughter with a disappointed expression, then pressed the alarm bell in the room.

Soon a group of guards rushed in.

“Take this young lady back to her school.

I dont want to see her until New Years Day.

Tell the teacher that if she doesnt learn her etiquette well, she wont be able to come and see me.”

“Dad!” Si Wenxuan looked incredulous and turned her head in tears to ask Xiao Weijun, who had always been soft-hearted, to intervene.

“Mom, Dad is being too harsh.”

“Xuan Xuan, you were too rude this time, and Mother is also very disappointed in you.

As the heiress of the Si family, your manners and etiquette must always be put before your temper.

You represent the head of the Si family and his wife.

Do you understand”

“…” Si Wenxuan clenched her fists and bit her lips, but didnt dare make any reply.

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