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Chapter 418: Shouldnt Young Marshal Mu Give Me an Explanation

Han Qin couldnt blame her for being so ruthless.

If she had dealt with Yun Xi more skillfully, she might have ended up in a better position.

However, since she had chosen such an underhanded method to attack, Yun Xi would gladly return the favor tenfold.

“Wretched girl, are you trying to dig your own grave”

Han Qin was so furious.

Now, things were going to get real.

After the hot milk tea had been splashed on her legs, she was completely overwhelmed by anger.

She turned around and raised her hand to slap Yun Xi in the face.

As Han Qin pounced toward her, Yun Xi stretched out her foot from under the table and kicked her severely.

Taking advantage of the time Han Qin was falling, Yun Xi stood up and retreated toward the windows.

Han Qin had missed in her attempt to slap Yun Xi, and instead she had been surreptitiously kicked by her.

Losing her balance, she fell directly on the table.

The plate of freshly made Yangzhou fried rice happened to be on the table.

Han Qins face smashed directly into the large plate of rice.

The rice was still hot because it had just been made, so when Han Qins face landed in the plate, she couldnt stop screaming.

The guests overhearing Han Qins screams all stood up and stared at her.

Covering her face, Han Qin got up with an embarrassed expression and glared at Yun Xi viciously.

With her back resting against the floor-to-ceiling glass window, Yun Xi glanced at Han Qins rice-stained face, shook her head, and sighed, “What a pity for that lovely plate of rice.

I hadnt even eaten it yet, and now your face has eaten it first.”

With her face burning, Han Qin was afraid that she would be disfigured.

She immediately became hysterical and lost her senses.

“B*tch! My face…my face…”

Han Qin desperately wiped the rice off her face.

Her entire face felt numb from the burning rice.

Upon hearing all the noise, the manager hurried over and saw Han Qin lunging toward the little girl standing by the window as if she had gone insane.

The manager shivered with shock and shouted at the waiter who was watching, “What are you guys doing Stop this immediately!”

This girl was Young Marshal Mus distinguished guest.

If something went wrong, he would suffer the consequences.

Before Han Qin could lay hands on Yun Xi, she was pulled back by two waiters.

In her fit of anger, she had lost any sense of rationality.

“Get away!” Han Qin pulled her hands free with a strenuous effort, turned around, and slapped the two waiters.

“How dare you get involved!”

In her furious state, Han Qin didnt care about maintaining her dignity anymore.

She grit her teeth and glared at Yun Xi, who was still standing by the window.

She then picked up plates, knives, and forks from the tables and flung them at her.

“Little b*tch, if something happens to my face, your entire family will rue it.”

The manager looked at the little girl who was dodging the plates by the window and boldly stepped forward to stop this pandemonium.

“Miss Han, calm down.

If there have been any misunderstandings, please calm down so we can all resolve them.”

“Misunderstandings Are you blind Im acting like this all because of that little b*tch, so how dare you say it was a misunderstanding Are all of you Seven Stars Hotel staff blind How did an impoverished plebian like her get in anyway What about the rules of the Seven Stars Hotel”

“Im really sorry, Miss Han, but this young lady is Young Marshal Mus distinguished guest.

If there have been any misunderstandings here, we might as well all sit down and talk it over.”

“What are you talking about She drove me crazy.

If you cant give me an explanation, Im not going to let you off the hook.”

Han Qin screamed at the manager as she vented her fury.

Because of her fit of anger, her reaction time had slowed down.

Suddenly, what the manager had said got through to her.

She frowned and looked at the manager.

“This little b*tch is Young Marshal Mus distinguished guest Then where is Young Marshal Mu She has offended me, so shouldnt he give me an explanation”

The manager felt conflicted.

Young Marshal Mu was meeting a distinguished guest at the moment, and they didnt dare interrupt him.

At this moment, a somber voice sounded from behind the manager, “I dont know what Ms.

Han wants me to explain.”

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