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Chapter 411: My Darling Is About to Be Abducted

There was a small restaurant near the school.

Although the atmosphere wasnt that great, the food was very good and homemade.

Yun Xi often came here to eat at lunchtime with Zhao Yumo and Yang Lu.

Soon, an amusing scene played out on the old street.

Yun Xi led the way, and Han Yaotian, in a black coat and suit, followed behind.

And he was followed by a group of bodyguards, also dressed in black.

It coincided with the time all the kids got out of school, so such a spectacle made many students stop and stare.

Yun Xi paid no attention as she walked to the restaurant where she usually ate.

On the other hand, Han Yaotian followed behind with a sheepish expression on his face.

The bodyguard sent by Mu Feichi to protect Yun Xi also followed behind the group.

He called his boss to report what was going on as he drove.

When Mu Feichi received the call, he happened to be in the city.

His face became so somber that Qi Yuan immediately turned around and drove the car toward Jing High School.

Feng Rui said, “Young Marshal Mu, it will soon be the time for our appointment…”

Usually, when they made appointments to meet people, or when other people made appointments, they always arrived right on time.

For a person of Young Marshal Mus status, arriving too early would seem desperate, yet arriving late would be disrespectful.

Thus, they always arrived right on time.

If they went to Jing High School, they definitely would arrive late.

“Let them wait.

My darling is about to be abducted, so how can I still be in the mood to talk about anything”

“…” Qi Yuan turned to Feng Rui and shook his head.

Feng Rui closed his mouth obediently.

Whenever that girl was involved, Young Marshal Mu, usually so calm and composed, immediately lost his reason.

In order to show his sincerity, Han Yaotian didnt dare make any bold moves and fully cooperated with whatever Yun Xi wanted.

Even though he was sitting in a cramped restaurant with dubious sanitary conditions, he would accompany her to the end with a smile.

Sitting down, Yun Xi noticed that Han Yaotian was feigning calmness, and she chuckled lightly.


Han has probably never eaten in such a place, right Fair enough, since people like you usually go to Western restaurants in high-end hotels.

Such small family diners really dont suit someone of your status.”

In reality, Yun Xi knew that before Han Yaotian had returned to the Han family, he had been an illegitimate child who lived with his mother and endured all sorts of horrible experiences.

It was only because he was afraid of suffering embarrassment in front of her that he didnt say anything about his past.

It wasnt out of the ordinary for men to be proud and pretentious, so she didnt bother exposing him.

On the contrary, Mu Feichi, a man who was born noble, was never pretentious and kept a low profile.

Jing High School was also the place from which he had graduated.

He knew which restaurants and small diners nearby had delicious food.

She had first come to eat here after hed recommended it, and it had indeed lived up to its reputation.

This was a difference between people of different statuses.

“Order whatever you want, whatever you like.

Im not picky about eating.

I was too pushy when I invited you to dinner last time.

I felt really embarrassed that I took you out without asking what you liked to eat first.”

“I already forgot about that incident.”

During that time when he had taken her out to the Western restaurant, hed looked down on her, so naturally shed had to shame him severely.

After calling over the owner, Yun Xi was just about to order a meal when the row of bodyguards standing outside suddenly panicked.

She raised her head to look at the man outside, who was standing right in front of the bodyguards with a domineering vibe that made all the bodyguards pale in comparison.

The door of a black car had opened, and a haughty figure wearing handsome black ankle boots on his long legs had gotten out of the car.

With a black overcoat over his ash-gray sweater, he appeared clean and well-dressed.

His attire made him appear especially towering, and he had the majestic and authoritative aura of a king.

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