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Chapter 410: No Pain, No Gain

From the very first time that they had met at the banquet, this girl hadnt liked him.

She had a very headstrong, simple personality.

Compared with all the arrogant heiresses he knew, she stuck out like a sore thumb.

She had only recently returned from the countryside, and the Yun family wasnt exactly prominent, but she nevertheless had a fearless aura.

He didnt know if it was because he was a masochist, but, despite being spurned by her again and again, he became more and more interested in her.

In the factory warehouse the day when they had been kidnapped, any other girl wouldve cried and panicked in that sort of situation.

But in her clear eyes, besides indifference and calm, he also saw fearlessness and the sort of heroic courage that even men rarely had.

That type of heroic courage indicated a fight-to-the-death sort of fanaticism.

He really hadnt expected her to have that sort of dedication at such a young age.

At that moment, he felt that the little girl in front of him had unlimited potential.

She also had connections with the Jiang family, the Chen family, and especially Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family.

None of her connections were with minor figures.

If he could get her on his side, with her cleverness, coupled with his tactics, the Han family would surely be able to reach a higher level in Jingdu.

No pain, no gain.

He realized that if he didnt get out of the car, she definitely wouldnt pay any more attention to him.

Hed come to see her today, not only to use her to exploit her connection with Young Marshal Mu, but also to win her over.

After pondering the situation for a moment, Han Yaotian said in a deep voice, “Lin Wei, you go back first.” Then he leaned over and pushed open the door to get out of the car.


Han!” Upon seeing him getting out of the car, Lin Wei suddenly panicked and quickly ran over to him.


Han, it is very dangerous here.

Someone of your status doesnt need to listen to a little girls unreasonable demands.”

After Lin Wei finished speaking, Han Yaotian glanced at her coldly, and his eyes were full of warning.

“Shut up! What happened last time was my fault for dragging Miss Yun into that mess.

If I put on airs even when I apologize, how can I show my sincerity You can go now.

There are bodyguards here, so I dont need you here anymore.”

This slow-witted woman was dragging him down.

He knew this girl better than she did.

Yun Xi didnt even yield to the Eldest Heir, so why to him

Putting on airs in front of her was simply making trouble for himself.

Yun Xi glanced back and forth between the two of them, and the corners of her mouth curled up in a slight smile.

These two people were playing good cop and bad cop quite well.

After Han Yaotian got out of the car, Yun Xi was tired of talking nonsense, so she turned toward the old street on the right.

Sitting in her car in a parking space nearby, Li Sinuo glared at Yun Xi through her car window, with jealousy and resentment flashing in her eyes.

She had seen that man waiting patiently at the school gates all afternoon a while ago.

Last time he had driven a Porsche, and this time it was an even more luxurious Jaguar.

In addition, his bodyguards who were standing outside his car had all gotten out of luxury cars.

It would be impossible to afford so many bodyguards if he werent very wealthy.

Every man that comes to see Yun Xi is more handsome and more distinguished than the previous one.

She was just a fresh-faced high school student, so why does she have so many high-quality men wrapped around her fingers

The man driving the car Li Sinuo was in watched her looking out of the car window and followed the direction of her eyes.

Suddenly, he saw the man getting out of the car.

Han Yaotian…why was he here

The man glanced at the bodyguards around him, then at the little girl standing next to Han Yaotian, and his eyes darkened.

The man asked, “Why, is that your classmate”

“Yeah, she just transferred to the school this year and stole first place in the grade from me.

Shes also the one who got me sent to the police station and now I have a record on file.”

“What is her relationship with that man”

Li Sinuo snorted coldly and curled her lips disdainfully.

“Who knows He has visited her several times already, and once he waited at the school gates for an entire afternoon.

From how hes dressed, he must be a businessman, yet he wastes so much time on a little girl.

Its ridiculous.”

The man withdrew his gaze as his hands gripped the steering wheel.

His thoughts drifted away.

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