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Chapter 407: Dont Make It Sound as if Im a Womanizer

Just before 9:00 oclock, Yun Xi heard the sound of knocking on the window just as shed finished a series of tests.

Turning her head to look at the man whod climbed in through the window, she smiled.

Shed known that if she didnt go up the mountain, he would definitely come climbing through her window to visit.

As she was about to stand up, Mu Feichi pushed her back into her chair.

Kicking off his shoes and sitting on her bed, he made himself at home.

A box was placed in front of her, and the air filled with a faint scent of cumin.

“Eat! If you wont come up the mountain, I have no choice but to bring food to you myself.”

Yun Xi glanced at the grilled lamb chops in the box on the table and guessed that he had probably brought her the best parts of the lamb.

How hard it must have been for him to deliver lamb chops to her on such a cold day, even though climbing through the window seemed like fun to him.

“Han Hongbin went looking for you.

Have you met with him yet” Yun Xi asked while eating the lamb chops.

The lamb chops had been grilled just right, with a hint of cumin adding to their flavor.

Compared to any lamb chops shed ever eaten in restaurants, these were more delicious.

“If you tell me not to, then I wont see him.

If I see him, the other families will follow suit as well.

Why shouldnt Tianyu Mountain basically become a flea market”

With indignation, he snorted softly and lay the document hed brought over on her desk.

“Look at this.

When Qi Yuan gave this picture to you last time, I initially didnt want you to intervene in this matter.”

“What” With her clean hand, Yun Xi opened the folder, which contained detailed information about a man.

The man looked a little familiar, and, when she looked closely, she suddenly raised her head.

“Isnt this the man involved with Li Sinuo Why do you have this”

“He isnt any ordinary person.

Otherwise, how did you think we had the pictures of Li Sinuo before you even came to Jingdu”

“No wonder I kept feeling that something was amiss.

Turns out you already had your eye on him.”

Yun Xi carefully glanced at the information in the folder, then she frowned and raised her head.

“I didnt expect him to have such a special status.”

“Of course! Otherwise, why would we have taken note of him”

“Its really surprising that this man fancies Li Sinuo.

Do you think men like this like calculating, yet innocent-looking, girls”

“Perhaps because he thinks shes better-looking than women out in society.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile and look up at him with a teasing expression in her eyes.

“How perceptive of you! Since you know all this so well, perhaps you yourself are very experienced”

Mu Feichis handsome face turned red, and he pinched her little cheeks with an irresistibly gentle expression in his eyes.

“I dont have that sort of fetish.

Dont make it sound as if Im a womanizer.”

“You guys from the Mu Corporation are together all day long.

Im surprised that your sexual orientation hasnt changed.”

“I am straight.

If my sexual orientation were to change, only you could change it.”

“…” Yun Xi coughed uneasily and pried his hands off her.

She turned her head away.

This topic was too awkward to talk about anymore.

Li Sinuo was too calculating to date someone of her same age.

Regardless of whether she had been forced to become so because of her living circumstances or whether she was simply ruthless by nature, such a person could easily fall, even if she managed to climb up the social ladder.

“Then what do you plan to do with this man Continue to lie low or use him to bait Crocodile”

“Crocodile has disappeared without a trace.

We think hes still in Jingdu, but because of the enormous area that the Mu family controls, it isnt easy to search for his whereabouts.

Even the gang that kidnapped Han Yaotian failed to force him out.

So this person whos dating Li Sinuo is now a key figure.”

“Now Im more curious than ever about how much Li Sinuo knows about this man.

If this man is arrested, Li Sinuo will definitely be taken in for questioning and probably wouldnt be able to take the college entrance exam.”

“I guess she doesnt know who exactly he is.

With her ruthless personality, however, Im sure shes not unaware of the consequences of getting involved with this man.

There is bad blood between you two, so be careful when you see her in the future.”

“I know.

I will be cautious.”

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