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Chapter 393: Making Her Apologize Was Tantamount to Disgracing Young Marshal Mu

Mu Feichi had expected that she would go up the mountain to ask him for help after the events of the day, so he had Qi Yuan waiting to take her up.

If she had really gone to the Chen family to beg for help, with Mu Feichis jealous personality, he would probably have stirred up a ruckus.

Yun Xi and Qi Yuan had just reached the top of the mountain when she noticed a helicopter was parked on the apron by the Mu familys residence.

From a distance, Yun Xi could see Mu Feichi standing next to the helicopter.

Wearing a blue-green long wool coat, he looked especially eye-catching.

Underneath his coat, he was wearing black trousers and casual shoes.

He had leather gloves on his hands.

His sunglasses covered most of his face, revealing only the cold contours of his chin and his handsome profile.

With one hand in his pocket, he raised his eyes and looked at her.

It was obviously a very random movement, but his aloof vibe was hard to ignore.

He always had an unfathomable sense of calm and composure due to his experience and age.

His every gesture and movement bespoke the sophistication and elegance of his blue-blooded upbringing.

He was a man who made people jealous.

Yun Xi stepped forward and took a harder look at his fashionable attire.

She did a double-take when she saw how great he looked.

It was the first time she had ever seen him wearing such a vivid color.

The blue-green color of his coat was even brighter than her down jacket.

If someone had seem them together, they would have thought that they were dressing as a couple.

Upon seeing her staring at him, Mu Feichi leaned over with a smile.

Hidden behind the sunglasses, his mischievous eyes were mirthful.

He took off his sunglasses, and his dark eyes boldly met her slightly flustered eyes.

“Babe, since Im so handsome and irresistible, if you want I can let you have a taste of me.”

“Taste what I just finished breakfast so Im not hungry!”

In mock anger, Yun Xi raised her hand and pushed away his handsome face.

He was such a perverted flirt.

Seems like its indeed true that since ancient times deep feelings havent been enough to satisfy people, yet pickup lines make people feel loved.

If it had been any other girl, she would probably have already raised the white flag against his irresistible flirtation.

But she wasnt an ordinary girl, and she wasnt going to fall into his seductive trap so easily.

“Who was the one who has been staring at me so intently as if she wanted to take off all my clothes to get a taste of me”

“Youre wrong! How could I be so ravenous”

“Aha!” Mu Feichi nodded solemnly.

“When you looked at me just now, I was worried that you were suddenly going to lunge at me.

Others make out in cars, but we could make out in an airplane cabin.”

Yun Xi ignored his teasing and looked at the helicopter behind him without changing her expression.

“Where are you going”

Wasnt he waiting for her to come up the mountain to beg for help This was obviously a preparation for going out.

“I want to take you some place.”

“I cant.

My familys troubles havent been settled yet, so how can I be in the mood to run around with you”

“Its a simple matter of me getting the word out.

If I open my mouth, who would dare disobey me”

The thought that she didnt think he was as important as her familys messy affairs filled him with anger.

“Yes, I know you can do whatever you want to do, but my family was at fault here.

So shouldnt I have to go to their door to apologize”

“Its not you who was at fault, so what are you going to apologize for” Mu Feichi dragged her into the helicopter.

No matter how she struggled, he overcame her, closed the door, and locked it.

Then he threw the noise-canceling headset on her lap.

“Besides, they dont deserve your apology.”

She was the future Madame of the Mu family, so her status was extraordinary!

So what if Ai Zhujun was an elder Forcing his dignified wife to go to their door to apologize was tantamount to indicating that he, Mu Feichi, couldnt even protect his own woman.

That was basically disgracing the dignified Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family.

“What do you mean they dont deserve it Stop messing around!”

At the moment, her family was still waiting for her reply.

She wasnt in the mood to have fun with him.

“Its you who should stop messing around.

Qi Yuan will handle this matter, and, since Ive promised you, I wont let your family get kicked out of the villa complex.

Babe, if you keep messing around, then you will have to go to their door to apologize all by yourself.”

Yun Xi grit her teeth.

“Young Marshal Mu has really mastered the carrot-and-stick approach.”

Mu Feichi patted her head as if she were a pet and smiled softly.


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