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Chapter 377: Baiting Her Mother

Early Saturday morning, Yun Xi was about to go out for her morning run when she noticed that her mother had woken up early.

On Saturdays, her mom usually didnt get up until the afternoon, so it must have been very arduous for her mother to get out of bed so early in order to stalk her.

Her mother couldnt keep up with her during the morning run, so she was thrown off her trail before she even reached the gates of the villa complex.

When she came back, she took the vegetable basket that the Feng familys housekeeper had lent their housekeeper during grocery shopping yesterday.

She didnt really need to go to their house for such a small matter, but in order to bait her mother, she took it upon herself to do it.

When Liang Xiuqin saw her going out, she quickly stuffed the steamed bun she was eating into her mouth and followed her out.

Yun Xi walked fast.

The Feng family lived in the innermost part of the villa complex.

It was quite secluded there, and she was easily able to leave Liang Xiuqin behind in a very short while.

After she rang the doorbell of the Feng familys house, the housekeeper opened the door.

She was a little surprised to see Yun Xi.

“Miss Yun, youre here so early.”

“Hello, Auntie.

This is the vegetable basket you lent our housekeeper yesterday.

Im returning it to you.”

“Oh, thank you.

Have you had breakfast yet Do you want to come in and sit down”

She was a distinguished friend of the Young Master, so she dared not neglect her.

“No, thank you.

I have to go home for breakfast.

I wont be bothering you.”

Yun Xi waved goodbye.

Before the housekeeper could call anyone in the house, she had already run away.

It was just about that time that Liang Xiuqin rushed over.

She saw Yun Xi coming out of the Feng familys house.

The door had closed before she could see who shed met in the Feng familys house.

She had a hunch that it was the Feng familys Young Master.

Wretched girl, how dare she say that she didnt know the Feng familys Young Master Who would believe such a lie

It was a pity that shed been one step behind Yun Xi today, or she might have been able to catch them red-handed.

But she wasnt in any hurry.

There would be many more chances.

She didnt believe that they would never see each other again.

A certain distance away from the Feng home, Yun Xi quickened her pace.

Before Liang Xiuqin could catch her breath, she saw Yun Xi head back toward the Feng home again, so she turned around and ran back quickly.

Running back and forth was really overwhelming for someone like her who had been living lavishly for so many years.

When she finally returned to the Yun familys living room, she was out of breath.

“Ziling, pour Mom a glass of water!” After sitting down on the sofa, Liang Xiuqin gasped for breath.

Of course, Yun Ziling knew what her mother had been up to and was anxious to know the results.

She didnt pay much attention to what her mother had just said.

“Mom, how was it Did you get any evidence”

“Water…” All the running had made Liang Xiuqins throat dry, and she rubbed her chest.

Yun Ziling didnt notice since her attention wasnt on her mother at all.

“Mom, how did it go”

Liang Xiuqin gave Yun Ziling an angry glare and turned and commanded Liang Xinyi, who was sitting on the other side of the room, “Didnt you hear me Pour me a glass of water!”

“Oh, okay…”

Liang Xinyi slowly poured her a cup of water.

Liang Xiuqin snatched the cup from her and took several gulps before she finally caught her breath.

“You pour water like a turtle.

You want me to die of thirst”

Liang Xiuqin was infuriated that not only did she fail to catch Yun Xi red-handed, but also shed exhausted herself.

If she couldnt vent her anger at Yun Xi, she might as well vent her anger at Liang Xinyi.

Since Liang Xiuqin was in a bad mood, Liang Xinyi didnt have any desire to be her punching bag.

After having been detained at the police station for a week, Liang Xinyi had learned her lesson well and didnt dare underestimate Yun Xis abilities anymore.

Before she had enough capabilities and had come up with a perfect plan, she wouldnt risk provoking Yun Xi.

She knew that Liang Xiuqin was digging her own grave, and she didnt want to get dragged into this stupid plot.

As she observed the internal strife between Yun Xi and Liang Xiuqin, she watched with glee.

“I almost caught them red-handed.

I didnt expect the wretched girl to run so fast, but I saw clearly that she went to the Feng familys home.”

“No hurry, Mom.

There will always be another chance.

Well help you keep an eye on her.

Whenever she goes out and wanders around in the villa complex, well have a chance.

Next time, wed better wait for them at the door just to let Chief Feng and his wife see clearly whats going on.

With evidence, they wont be able to shirk their responsibility even if they want to.”

Liang Xiuqin hesitated.

“That doesnt sound wise… If we go all the way to their door, Chief Fengs wife might not like it.”

“When the time comes, Mom, you should take the other ladies from the villa complex to their house with you.

In front of so many people, if you pretend to be indignant, the Chiefs wife will definitely think that its her sons fault.

Wouldnt it be up to the Feng family to decide how to resolve the issue”

“The Feng family might not fancy our family, so what if they dont acknowledge it”

“We are the ones who have suffered.

It doesnt matter if they dont like it.

The Feng family values their image, so they will definitely compensate us one way or another.

Then we can play matchmaker out in the open, right”

If this matter was brought out into the open and everyone knew about it, naturally it would be more convenient for them to act.

“Thats true.

My daughter is so clever.”

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