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Chapter 374: She Can Only Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Me

“Previous life…” Upon hearing this, Qi Yuans eyes twitched, and he suppressed his laughter as he teased her back.

“Then I must have been good in my last life and didnt offend you.

Otherwise, Id be pursued and tortured by you in this life.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows when he heard what shed said, and jealousy overcame him once again.

“Shes my woman! Whether in the previous life or in this life, she has nothing to do with you.

No matter what, she can only have a love-hate relationship with me.

So get lost!”

“Yes, yes, okay.

Ill get out of here.” Qi Yuan nodded in a salute and quickly ran away.

When Yun Xi heard what Mu Feichi had said, she glanced over at him coldly.

Then she said, half-flirtatiously and half-annoyedly, “Young Marshal Mu, this has nothing to do with you either.”

In her previous life, she and he had never crossed paths at all.

The only people who had been involved with her concerning her death were the people who had rescued her at the snowy mountain.

She had really wanted to repay their kindness.

But, with so many people in the world, she didnt have any idea where to find them.

“How could it have nothing to do with me You have a grudge against him from your previous life.

If you want revenge in this life, then I will help you sharpen your knife!”

This topic of the previous life might only be a joke to them, but it was true that she had been reborn.

Knowing that he wouldnt take it seriously, she joked back with him, “Then what would happen if I had been enemies with you in my previous life”

“How could that be possible Im so likable.

Perhaps you were my wife in your previous life…”

He made the topic romantic, but Yun Xi simply rolled her eyes in response and ended the conversation.

He wasnt married when she had died in her previous life.

In order to bait Liang Xiuqin, Yun Xi talked to Mu Feichi about her plans, then went home directly after school on Friday.

No matter how much Old Madame Chen liked her, she couldnt keep living in someone elses home.

Besides, she still considered the Jiang family as her future in-laws.

If word spread that she didnt like the Jiang family, but liked the Chen family instead, her reputation would really suffer.

Moreover, she also needed to go home.

If she didnt go back soon and do something about it, her mother would only continue to spread rumors.

She didnt like to be at a disadvantage.

Now her mother has achieved the effect she wanted, and Feng Yang has come to see her.

There was no way that the Feng family didnt know about this.

She would use this incident to let her mother know what the consequences would be for trying to extort the Feng family.

If they offended the Feng family, it would be impossible for the Yun family to stay in the villa complex.

After her few days away from home, as soon as Yun Xi returned home, the housekeeper couldnt wait to give all the gossip to her.

She told her about everything that had happened in the past few days and the rumors that had been circulating throughout the villa complex.

Yun Xi grasped an important point at once.

Their housekeeper was very well-acquainted with the Feng familys housekeeper, and they often went to the farmers market together to buy produce.

“Miss, I know that you dont know about this, but Sister Xiu said that old man Feng and Madame Feng were extremely angry when they heard these rumors.

Feng Yang also wanted to investigate this matter thoroughly to see who was spreading the rumors.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer.

Where else would there be to check The rumors floated out of the Yun family house.

Even if they sent people to investigate, with these sorts of hearsay matters, anything could easily spread when a lot of people gathered together, so it would be pointless.

This time, she wanted to bait all those gossipy ladies who spread rumors, along with her mother.

What could be more effective than letting them take the initiative themselves and then get warned by Madame Feng personally

“What was even more astounding to me was that your mother didnt say anything at all, as if she was very pleased with the rumors and didnt care about your reputation at all.”

“Of course my mother would be pleased with the rumors, because she was the one who spread the gossip.”

“So it was her.

How could she be like this…” The housekeeper was surprised, and she became even more disgusted by Liang Xiuqin.

“If we could use the Feng family to climb socially, not only would she feel proud, but Yun Ziling would also be able to take my place and marry into the Jiang family.

She would become in-laws with both the Feng family and the Jiang family at the same time, so she would be able to reap even more rewards.”

“She doesnt treat you well at all, yet she wants to use you for her ego and for favors.

I have never seen such a shameless person.”

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