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Chapter 373: Dug My Grave in My Previous Life

Now that she had figured out the bait, Yun Xi revealed her thoughts and plans with no reservations.

She didnt want to make Han Yaotian feel at ease.

She wanted to exact revenge for her death in her last life and for getting kidnapped in this life.

If she really were to settle all the accounts with him, 1,000 slashes wouldnt be enough to gratify her thirst for vengeance.

Yun Xi raised her eyes to look at the man who was sitting beside her and asked, “The Han family has lost this enormous batch of goods and is going to have a hard time getting a lot of money together.

Which western wall do you think he will try to demolish”

“What are you thinking” Mu Feichi smiled airily.

He had obviously guessed what the answer was, and he knew that she had thought of the same thing.

Yun Xi smiled with a malicious grin and her eyes flashed.

“The Xinghai Project.”

The Xinghai Engineering Projectss current investment levels had reached nearly 1 billion yuan, and half of the money would soon be in place.

It wouldnt be difficult for Han Yaotian to move 1 billion yuan out of the project.

This was even though he had supposedly dissociated himself from shady dealings.

Narrowing her eyes, Yun Xi began to do calculations in her head.

It was an unfortunate situation.

“The Eldest Heir will probably get dragged down.”

“Dragged down” Mu Feichi snorted slightly.

“Chen Yichen stepped in halfway though the Xinghai Project, and hes only been involved in this project through his father.

How important do you think this project is to him”

When Mu Feichi said this, Yun Xi immediately understood something and suddenly raised her head and looked hard at Mu Feichi.

“What Are you saying that he is purposely doing business that will lose him money Whats his purpose Thats an investment worth tens of millions of yuan!”

Mu Feichi curled his lips sarcastically.

“As if the Chen family lacks such a trifling amount of money…”

“Indeed they dont.”

Upon seeing Mu Feichi look increasing bitter, she thought, was it possible that the Eldest Heir had invested in this project just for fun

Or did he, like them, have an ulterior motive, and also planned to ruin the Han family

What bad luck would the Han family have to have had to have offended so many people at one time

Qi Yuan looked at the two people sitting opposite him on the sofa, who appeared to have such a tacit understanding.

From their gestures and words, it was evident that they could read each others thoughts.

Such a match made in heaven was truly enviable.

After listening to the scheme the two of them had conspired about, Qi Yuan had to marvel over how they were two people cut from the same cloth.

That girl looked young, but she was truly calculating.

She was not only able to turn the tables in the cutthroat business world, but she could do so in a Machiavellian manner that outrivaled many of her seniors.

This woman was becoming more and more qualified to be the Mu familys wife.

Her future was full of potential.

Withdrawing his gaze, Mu Feichi nonchalantly said to Qi Yuan, “Just follow this girls plan, and throw the bait out.”

“Yes, sir!” Feeling excited, Qi Yuan nodded.

In this scheme, Young Marshal Mu had started things off, and Yun Xi had arranged it perfectly enough to torture the Han family for a long time to come.

It seemed obvious that this year the Han family was going to suffer.

“Miss Yun, if youre so ruthless toward the Han family, once this plan succeeds, it will be difficult for the Han family to rise up again for at least the next five years.

It will give the Zhao family just enough time to rise.”

“Five years isnt enough.

I want the Han family to be ruined for eternity.”

The corners of Yun Xis mouth twitched slightly, and her clear eyes looked very cold.

For an instant, it was possible to see the smoldering hatred in her eyes.

Mu Feichi silently watched the changes of expression on her face.

Her deep hatred for the Han family wasnt just because of Han Wanling and Han Yaotian.

Her hatred was much deeper than he had thought.

He knew that she was hiding something from him.

Qi Yuan glanced at Young Marshal Mu, then asked curiously, “You seem to have always been particularly interested in the Han family and have been extremely ruthless toward them.

Im curious as to what kind of grudge you have against them”

Shed schemed against Han Wanling, then humiliated her, making her unable to stay in Jingdu any longer because shed had no choice but to escape the scandal.

She was even more merciless toward Han Yaotian.

This wasnt like some sort of personal grudge, but a deep hatred.

When he asked her this question, Yun Xi suppressed the emotion turmoil in her eyes and smiled.

“Perhaps, their family dug my grave in my previous life.

Ive been reborn to seek revenge in this life.”

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