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Chapter 361: Felt It Was Troublesome

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The car parked at the Sijia Mansion.

The security procedures of the Sijia Mansion were very strict.

The guard at the door inspected all the people passing through and checked their identities.

Yun Xi felt fortunate that she hadnt brought the scalpel that she habitually carried whenever she went out, otherwise she would definitely have been stopped for a closer inspection.

That would definitely have drawn attention to her.

When it was her turn to be checked, Qi Yuan handed over a copy of her information, and the guard checked it carefully before letting her enter.

This was the first time that Yun Xi had ever come to this place.

Ordinary people were never allowed to enter here.

If it hadnt been for Mu Feichis distinguished status, she would never have gotten in.

It was no wonder that he was looking so sour at her just now.

Being able to come in here was considered a great honor for most people.

However, she, on the contrary, just felt it was troublesome.

After Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had gotten out of the car, Qi Yuan and Feng Rui went about their business to handle daily affairs.

Mu Feichi took Yun Xi into the reception room of the head of the Si family.

Because they were such a wealthy family, the reception room and the banquet hall werent in the same area.

The spacious villa was comprised of many separate areas independent of one another.

In her last life, this place had often been mentioned on TV.

At this moment, standing in this place, Yun Xi felt for some indescribable reason that it was unreal.

It was the same feeling one would feel when one knew that something was impossible, yet it was actually happening right there in front of ones eyes.

That sense of incredulity and astonishment was enough to overturn all preconceptions.

The Si family mansion was very large, and the reception room of the Si family patriarch was in a corner.

This kind of mansion had been built in the traditional Jingdu architectural style and was different from Mu Feichis Mu Mansion.

It seemed that there was a bit more solemn charm here, while Mu Feichis Mu Mansion was a bit more modern and extravagant.

Outside the reception room, there was an enormous garden where various colors of roses and chrysanthemums had been planted.

This season, after the snow, the chrysanthemums were only sparsely blooming.

Mu Feichi led Yun Xi into the small living room, then called someone to bring tea, and told Yun Xi to wait there.

Then he went into the reception room to see patriarch Si.

He told her they were going to have about half an hour of discussion, and he told her not to run around, so as not to get lost.

Yun Xi nodded earnestly.

Coming to such an unfamiliar place owned by someone of eminent status, she wouldnt dare wander around even if someone told her to.

Realizing that she was aware of the appropriate etiquette, Mu Feichi walked directly to his meeting so he could take care of his business without keeping her waiting for too long.

When he came back, he said he was going to take her to eat at the hot pot restaurant that she had been mentioning lately.

Drinking the milk tea delivered by the staff, Yun Xi felt bored as she flipped through the current affairs magazines on the table.

The snow had stopped outside, and the Chinese roses in the garden appeared very beautiful when they blossomed in the snow.

She couldnt stand the boredom, so holding her milk tea, she went to enjoy the scenery of snow and blossoming flowers.

She had never seen so many varieties, and she felt fascinated as she admired them.

Suddenly, she was interrupted by bursts of rapid coughing.

She couldnt help but raise her head and look around.

A figure dressed in a khaki outfit came out of the greenhouse that was across from the room she was waiting in.

A flower stand had been set up in the garden, which obstructed her view.

She went outside and walked to the edge of a little bridge that was between her and the greenhouse.

She saw the figure again, holding a pot of crabapples at the door of the greenhouse.

The crabapples were blooming brightly.

The flowerpot probably wasnt light.

and the figures coughing was making it even more difficult to move the flowerpot.

She hurriedly walked over, put her cup on the railing, and reached out to help the figure carrying the flowerpot.

Seeing a figure walking over so suddenly, Xiao Weijun was caught off guard.

However, then she saw clearly that he was a handsome young man, so she mustered a weak smile on her pale face.

“Thank you!”

When Yun Xi saw the woman in front of her clearly, she was also a little surprised.

Wasnt she Mrs.

Sijia Why was she out here alone

“Madame, you arent in good health.

Let me carry it.”

Yun Xi took the flowerpot from her and asked, “Where shall I put this”

When Xiao Weijun heard her speak, she realized that she was actually a tomboy.

She couldnt help but glance at her again in surprise.

“Youre a girl”

“Yes, I came here with Young Marshal Mu, and I didnt want to be too ostentatious, so I dressed like this.”

“So you came here with the third child.” Xiao Weijun smiled.

“You can put this here! Its snowing, and I was afraid it would freeze to death.”

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