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Chapter 359: Yun Xi Dresses LIke a Man

After Yun Xi had started going up the mountain, Mu Feichi had asked the housekeeper to change the guest room on the first floor into a little room for her.

The clothes Ling Jing had sent over for her were all kept in the room.

In order to make herself appear unobtrusive, Yun Xi had chosen a long black coat.

She also had on a pair of black ankle boots, black velvet trousers, and she put on a plaid scarf that she had dug up from somewhere to hide her slender neck and delicate-featured face.

Finally, she chose a black wool hat and tied up her hair in it.

Trying to make herself look like a man, she needed to hide her hair under the hat.

After getting completely dressed, she looked at her disguise in the mirror with satisfaction and shrugged.

She wasnt trying to be high maintenance, but with Mu Feichis current status in Jingdu, any woman close to him might become other peoples targets.

She didnt want to become someone people threatened him with, nor did she want to be dragged into a mess again for no reason.

She still hadnt finished avenging herself, hasnt brought down the Han family, hasnt made Han Yaotian and and Qiao Ximins lives a living hell, and her mother hasnt gotten what she deserved yet, so she cant die just yet.

As someone who had already died once, she took the issues of life and death extremely seriously.

After changing her clothes and leaving the room, she caught the butler off guard with her all-black attire.

“Oh, Miss Yun, what are you…what are you up to”

The butler looked at her dressed like a man with astonishment, then raised his eyes to look at Mu Feichi, who was coming down the stairs, also dressed all in


However, he was used to seeing his young master dressed all in black.

All the clothes in his closet were either black, green, white, or khaki.

His closet wasnt as colorful as that of Young Master Jiang.

These two people were dressed almost exactly alike.

Where were they going

Yun Xi smiled and answered the butler.

“Im going to Mr.

Sis house with Young Marshal Mu.”

As she said this, she raised her eyes to look at the man coming downstairs.

He appeared intimidating and icy.

He was wearing a black wool coat with wide lapels, black trousers, short boots, and he also had a scarf around his neck.

Perhaps because he had the air of a noble, this outfit made his dignified figure even more eye-catching.

Compared to her tomboy disguise, the man in front of her appeared exactly like one who had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

She, meanwhile, looked like a phony.

Since it was rare that they had dressed so closely alike, Mu Feichi looked her up and down and had to admit that the tomboy in front of him appeared very handsome and suave.

However, this all-black outfit really didnt suit her.

He had never seen her wear black before, and this color was so solemn that when she wore it, it seemed as if she was enveloped with a hellish, deathly aura.

“Ugly!” Mu Feichi commented airily, then turned around and walked outside.

“…” His critique was so direct, and his refusal to beat around the bush was a direct rejection of her tomboy disguise.

Yun Xi ran after him.

At the gate of the Mu familys residence, Qi Yuan had changed to a black high-end off-road vehicle that was twice as big as his usual car.

Yun Xi couldnt help but take a few extra glances at the car.

It had probably been modified, and the color of the window glass looked strange.

The ultra-luxury armored Knight XV off-road vehicle that was popular around the world during her previous life didnt yet exist in this era, but the personally customized car in front of her wasnt to be underestimated.

Upon seeing her, Qi Yuan couldnt help but stop dead in his tracks.

Then he said as he suppressed his laughter, “Miss Yun looks really unique today!”

Upon hearing their voices, Feng Rui lowered the car window and glanced at Yun Xi from the passenger seat.

His eyes lit up, and he couldnt help but ridicule her.

“Yo, where did this fair-faced man come from”

When he said this, Feng Rui glanced at Mu Feichi, then brazenly started teasing Young Marshal Mu.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you really taking her out like that If you guys are accidentally photographed by the media, they will definitely say that Young Marshal Mu doesnt like women, but rather fair-faced men instead.”

After opening the car door, Mu Feichi turned his head and glared at Feng Rui coldly.

“Which law of the Mu family stipulates that I cant like fair-faced men”

“Um…then you have to go home and discuss that with your third uncle.

When you change the Mu familys house rules next year, you can add this one.”

“Shut up!” Qi Yuan smacked the idiotic Feng Rui on the forehead and pushed at his head as he glared at him.

It was indeed true that his IQ was his shortcoming.

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