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Chapter 357: Youthful Brashness And Ambition

“When I called home, the butler said that the Old Madame missed you and had wanted you to come and see her.

Since youre nursing your wounds, you could also do the same at the Chen familys house.”

Yun Xis natural reaction was to glance at Mu Feichi.

Then she waved her hand dismissively.

“No, Im going to go home today.

I dont have any major injuries, and I feel more comfortable at home, so I wont bother you.

Ill go to your house on Saturday to see the Old Madame.

How about that”

Looking worried, Chen Yichen thought that she was just avoiding him.

After all, she had just experienced a kidnapping, and he was worried that she might still feel traumatized.

“You just experienced something pretty traumatic.

Are you really okay”

It would be easier to go see her at the villa complex than at the Mu familys residence.

It would be better for her to go home than to stay at the Mu familys residence.

But what he cared about right now wasnt where she would recuperate, but whether she had been traumatized by the kidnapping since she was still so young, after all.

If she developed any psychiatric disorders, that could be troublesome.

“What could possibly happen to me” Seeing that Chen Yichen was worried about her, Yun Xi couldnt help laughing.

Then she quipped with a smile, “You should ask Mr.

Han if he was traumatized.”

“Okay! Im glad that youre fine.

Then…Ill wait to see you for dinner on Saturday.”

Yun Xi nodded.


But please dont make it a matchmaking feast again.

With so many people from your family there like it was some sort of formal event, even my dad wouldnt have been able to handle it, let alone me.”

Upon the mention of what had happened last time, Chen Yichen smiled awkwardly, and his handsome face appeared a little sheepish.

“Wont happen again.

It was just a coincidence last time.”

“All right, Ill see you on Saturday.”

As soon as shed answered, the man on the sofa stood up and walked over, saying coldly, “If the Eldest Heir has nothing else, you can leave now.”

He looked at the butler, who was coming out of the kitchen.

“Could you please see off the guest”

“Yes, Master!”

Since the master was kicking him out, Chen Yichen couldnt stay any longer.

He gazed at Yun Xi deeply and then reluctantly turned around and walked out.

Yun Xi looked at Mu Feichi going upstairs and then at Chen Yichen, who was about to leave.

Why did she feel that something was off

Worried about Great White attacking the stranger outside, Yun Xi followed Chen Yichen to the door.

Qi Yuan had been waiting out front, and upon seeing them come out, he turned to climb into the car.

After getting in the car, Chen Yichen lowered the window and looked at the snow leopard standing beside Yun Xi.

Its demure behavior standing next to Yun Xi was in stark contrast to its ferociousness toward him when hed gone out the door moments before.

Seeing Yun Xi return to the living room as if it were her own house, Chen Yichen became overwhelmed with a sense of dread and alarm.

Leading Great White upstairs, Yun Xi walked straight to Mu Feichis study.

The study door was closed, so she stood at the door and knocked.

“Enter!” Behind the desk, Mu Feichi didnt raise his head.

At the desk, Yun Xi paused and looked down at Great White, who was already lying on the ground.

He could fall asleep anywhere.

“Young Marshal Mu, my injuries are all right now.

Im going home.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows slightly.

His body languidly leaned on the back of the chair, and his eyes looked somewhat fierce.

This disobedient little thing in front of him was unknowingly rebelling against him.

Him allowing Chen Yichen to come up the mountain was already generous enough.

Now, she wanted to go down the mountain early

Or was she unwilling to stay with him any longer

“Why Mansion Mu hasnt been a good enough hospital for you”

“No…” Yun Xi was so startled by his words that she suddenly didnt know how to answer.

“I…I just think its all right for me to go home to recover from my injuries.

Besides, I only had minor scrapes.”

“Minor scrapes Who had such a high fever that she was unconscious last night”

“…” Yun Xi listened to the obviously enraged tone of his words, and she dared not reply.

Shed had such a high fever last night that she didnt even remember anything.

All she knew was that when she woke up, shed seen Mu Feichi by her side.

When she went upstairs before, the butler had told her that Mu Feichi had stayed with her all night.

Seeing the dark circles under his eyes, she suddenly felt a lump in her throat.

She felt sour, bitter, and a dull aching sensation inside.

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