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Chapter 350: Babe, Are You Confessing Your Love To Me

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This was the first time that Yun Xi had stayed in the Mu Mansion overnight.

Despite knowing Mu Feichi for such a long time, she was usually limited to activities on the first floor, and shed never dared to set foot on the second and third floors.

Except for the last time shed been here when shed gone to his study to see him deal with official business, she didnt dare to wander around other areas.

After all, the Mu Mansion was different from other places.

There was probably a lot of Mu Feichis secrets and confidential business information hidden here.

Originally, shed thought that the Mu residence was so big that giving her a guest room wouldnt be a problem.

But who knew that as soon as shed talked to the butler, Mu Feichi became unhappy.

“The butler has been very busy lately and has no time to clean up a room for you.

You will sleep in the master bedroom tonight.”

“If I sleep in your room, then what about you Will you sleep on the floor”

Yun Xi shot him an angry glare.

He really never passed up any opportunity to take advantage of her.

The two of them stood side by side by the railing on the second floor.

The butler and Great White looked up at them from the first floor.

From their mannerisms, they were like a young couple fighting and then going to sleep in different rooms.

Anyone could guess what the haughty young masters ulterior motives were, but the young girl simply couldnt grasp it.


Then I will sleep on the floor!”

He nodded solemnly without the slightest hint of unwillingness, and his handsome face appeared as calm and indifferent as usual.

As if this were normal to him.

This surprised Yun Xi a little bit.

The dignified Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family was willing to sleep on the floor…

If word got out, many women would probably put expensive bounties on her head!

Mu Feichi clapped his hands at Great White, who was on the first floor, and he said, “Great White, come on up.

Come sleep in the master bedroom tonight!”

Hearing his owners call, Great White stood up and rushed to the second floor.

Great White looked up at her, then silently walked to the feet of his master.

Then, he walked right past her and went directly into the master bedroom.

Wondering whether or not she should enter, Yun Xi awkwardly looked at the butler who had a kind smile on his face, then at the open door of the master bedroom.

Of course, the butler knew his young masters intentions, so naturally he didnt dare clean up a guest room.

“Miss Yun, get a good nights sleep.

Good night!” The butler smiled, then turned around and left.

Yun Xi sighed helplessly and walked into the master bedroom.

After entering the bedroom, she discovered that Mu Feichi had already taken out a quilt and laid it down to sleep on the floor.

Yun Xi stared blankly at the figure lying down on the quilt on the carpet and at Great White, who was lying by his side obediently.

The vibe was a bit awkward.

He had stayed in her room and they had “shared the same bed” for several days.

Wasnt it a bit late for him to only now start to become more reserved

Sitting on the side of the bed, Yun Xi looked at the pretentious man lying on the floor with amusement.

Then she quipped, “Young Marshal Mu, are you really going to sleep on the floor”

Mu Feichi looked at her, his thin lips curled up in a faint smile.

“Why, do you pity me”

Yun Xi shook her head.

“Youve experienced all sorts of hardships, so why would I pity you for sleeping on the floor.”

“I thought you were inviting me into the bed.”

“I thought about doing so, but since you have already laid out your quilt, you might as well sleep on the floor.

Besides, Great White wants to sleep with you!”

There was heating on the floor anyway, so it wouldnt feel cold.

Since hed volunteered to do so himself, she wouldnt pretend to be worried about him.

Besides, it would be great fun to have such a furry, warm companion like Great White.

He raised his eyebrows and rubbed Great Whites head.

“Great White isnt as comfortable as you are.”

“So” Looking at him defensively, Yun Xi hurried toward the bed.

“So, I think it would be better for me to accompany you.”

“Youd better accompany Great White.

How can a little girl like me make you sacrifice so much So forget it, be good, and just sleep on the floor! Good night!”

Without giving him a chance to bargain, she lifted up the quilt and got in bed.

Mu Feichi smiled half-heartedly as he looked at her little head on the bed.

Then he dimmed the bedside lamp and lay down to sleep on the newly laid quilt.

This was the first time she had physically hurt someone, and if she wasnt mentally resilient, she would be unable to bear the guilt.

Staying with her had just been an excuse.

He was worried that she would have nightmares at night, so hed insisted on sleeping in the same room with her.

He would accompany her through all the hardships she would experience throughout her growth.

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