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Chapter 35: Not Meant For Acting

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Looking around at the growing number of neighbors continuing to look their way, Yun Xi discreetly pinched herself and began to cry with grief.

As expected, she wasnt meant for acting!

At least when it came to crying on command and acting like an innocent victim, Yun Xi had been no match for her two younger sisters during her previous lifetime!

“Mom, Im really your daughter, Yun Xi!”

Liang Xiuqin sneered coldly before gently patting Liang Xinyi at her side.

“My daughter is right here, not you! How could I mistake my own daughter for someone else!”

“Shes Uncles daughter and my cousin.

Why are you accepting her, but not me”

Wiping her tears away, Yun Xi turned to look at Liang Xinyi.

“Cousin, you ran off here to replace me, so does that mean you are discarding Uncle and Auntie They worked so hard to raise you for over ten years, so as their child, how could you leave them behind just so that you can enjoy a life of luxury”

Yun Xis onslaught of questions was undoubtedly shocking when asked before all these people!

Liang Xiuqin and Liang Xinyis expressions instantly became particularly ugly.

Liang Xiuqin looked even worse, and all her fingers dug deep into her own flesh.

She glared at Yun Xi with eyes like daggers dipped in poison, feeling so agitated that she wanted nothing more than to lunge at her.

“You need to shut your mouth! Clearly, Im the real Yun Xi, and my mom accepted me.

A fraud like you has some gall.

I dont think youre here to impersonate me; youre trying to steal things!”

Liang Xinyi also bolstered her confidence because she knew Liang Xiuqin stood on her side.

Shed worked so hard to finally obtain the status of a rich heiress, and her mom had planned so long for all this—they had truly exerted great efforts!

The hopes of the entire Liang family rested on her shoulders, so how could she throw away such a great opportunity

Yun Xi coolly stared at Liang Xinyis twisted face.

Compared to her greed in Yun Xis previous lifetime, she also seemed to have gained some brazen shamelessness.

All the neighbors preparing to leave for work looked over at the commotion and also gathered around.

After listening for a while, they quickly understood what was happening.

Looking at the two Yun Xis inside and outside the house, they also felt a bit confused.

However, their eyes finally fell on the lone and helpless Yun Xi outside the house.

The girl inside appeared very confident, and even her biological mother accepted her, so the Yun Xi outside was undoubtedly an impersonator.

“Little girl, this is the villa complex and not somewhere you can waltz in to swindle people.”

“Thats right, what is going on with the security at the gate How could they let a scammer in here!”

“Little girl, how did your parents raise you How could you come here and scam people at such a young age!”

“Hurry up and have security kick her out! I hope shes not actually here to steal things!”


Liang Xiuqins confidence returned when she saw all the neighbors speaking up for her.

“Thats right! Hurry up and kick this scammer out! I wouldnt want everyone else to suffer with me.

Ive experienced enough of her!”

Yun Xi sneered to herself, yet her expression was aggrieved and innocent, “Im the real Yun Xi! My name is also on my identification!”

As she spoke, she took out her identification and showed it to a few of the surrounding neighbors.

“It really does say Yun Xi! There are two Yun Xis! Whats going on”

“Shes also Yun Xi How could there be such a coincidence”


Speaking of identification, Liang Xinyin also grew more confident.

“My identification also reads Yun Xi.

Look at it for yourself!”

As she spoke, she ran back into the house and took out the fake identification that Chen Lixue had had someone create for them.

She showed it off smugly to Yun Xi.

She refused to believe that her ample preparations would fail to defeat Yun Xi, the little b*tch!

Yun Xi glanced at the name and photo on the identification and sneered.

She truly hadnt expected Chen Lixue to have made all preparations to allow Liang Xinyi to replace her!

Looks like her Auntie was not a fool either.

Once Yun Xi established herself within the Yun family, she would make full use of Chen Lixue as a pawn!

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