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Chapter 343: Curse All the Han Familys Ancestors!

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Inside the car, Yun Xi had been blindfolded, her hands tied up, and tape wrapped around her mouth.

The fear and panic caused by the darkness made it difficult for her to calm down in this situation.

But once shed calmed down, she couldnt help but curse all the Han familys ancestors!

In her last life, she had been kidnapped because the Han Groups engineering project had cut corners, which led to an accident.

Han Yaotian had gotten someone to secretly suppress the matter, and the workers compensation had been embezzled by the project manager, resulting in half the promised compensation.

The workers families got really angry and kidnapped her, a little assistant who wasnt even the project leader.

The kidnapping had shocked Mr.


In order to save her, the Jiang family had spent a lot of manpower and money

The Han Corporations project had been exposed by the media because of her kidnapping, and the entire project fell through!

Investors withdrew their capital, and with the investment funds taken away, the Han Group lost a lot of money.

Back in the day, Han Yaotian hadnt come to rescue her.

Hed said he couldnt come forward because he was afraid that she would get killed, and shed foolishly believed in him.

In this life, extremely unluckily, shed been kidnapped again because of Han Yaotian.

She had really been cursed by the Han family.

Moreover, this time, she suspected that something else was involved in this matter.

If this was the case, it could be much worse than an ordinary kidnapping, because the possibility of getting killed could be very high.

Although Han Yaotian was the target, her own situation was also very dangerous.

These guys were literally desperate enough to do anything, and she didnt want to risk her life to fight them.

She simply hoped that Mu Feichi had received her message and would rush over to save her in time.

Otherwise, her life might really end here.

After tumbling around in the car for a while, they stopped.

When she got out of the car, she got a whiff of the scent of chemicals and rust.

She hadnt worn snow boots that day, so she had to walk on the pitted sand and gravel with her flimsy canvas shoes.

She could guess that this place was probably an old factory.

After being dragged into the factory, Yun Xi was thrown to the ground by a man, where she curled up and shrank back into a corner, trying to be as invisible as possible.

When the rag covering her eyes was taken away, her mind went blank.

She squinted for a while before being able to adapt to the light in the room.

She raised her head and glanced around.

It was indeed an abandoned factory.

There were many men standing around, guarding the iron frame on the second floor of the factory.

All of them had their faces covered, so she couldnt see them clearly.

And the place where she was squatting was a small corner with a large abandoned machine with rusty iron on it.

There were only one or two men watching her, and there were people guarding the windows and entrances around her.

Across from her, Han Yaotian was being pressed down by two men who were pushing on his shoulders.

They tore the tape off his mouth.

In his well-tailored suit, he looked very sheepish at this moment.

“You, who are you guys Why did you kidnap me Let me go! If you want money, I will get my dad to give it to you!”

Playing with a knife in one hand, one of the men with a mask came over and patted Han Yaotians face with the knife.

Han Yaotian immediately grew still.

“Second Young Master Han, you dont know who we are, but your father should know very clearly.

As long as your father agrees to our bosss terms, we will let you go! Otherwise…you know the consequences!”

“You want money, dont you My dad will give you as much as you want! As long as you let me go!”

“At this moment, money is the most useless thing to us.”

The masked man stood up and took a phone from his subordinate.

“Tell your father to return the list and the batch of goods to us.

Otherwise, we will kill you!”

“What list” Han Yaotian was dumbfounded.

He didnt know anything about this.

Hed just started to get involved with the family business, and he still didnt know about many things.

His dad definitely hadnt told him about a list.

“Just relay what I just said.

He knows what it is!”

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