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Chapter 280: You Should Become a Fortune-teller

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“Young Master Jiang, dont overexert yourself entertaining all those women.”

“Oh, little girl, are you jealous”

Yun Xi smiled.

“You deserve an Oscar for your acting skills.

You really should go on TV.”

“Why would I want to go on TV” Jiang Chenghuan frowned.

He only brooded for a moment, though, before his expression changed into a cynical smile.

“Its true.

Im a suave young man, and there are so many women who throw themselves at me, so how can I refuse Youre not a vain young man.

You cant understand me, sister.”

Yun Xi nodded solemnly.

“Youre right.

I dont understand.

However, a man who cynically wanders through the flowers in order to paralyze his opponent and who can not only leave untarnished but also emerge as a victor is a true master.”

With that said, Yun Xi patted Jiang Chenghuan on the shoulder and continued with a smile, “Words of wisdom! Just act as if I didnt say anything!”

This man was one of the three masters of Jingdu, and Mu Feichi does not dislike him.

Who could possibly believe that he was simply a frivolous young master

Jiang Chenghuan narrowed his eyes as he regarded her with a deep gaze.

His eyes that had appeared frivolous moments before seemed much more contemplative at this moment.

This girl really wasnt simple.

He had put on the disguise of a playboy for so many years, and the only person whod been able to see through this disguise had been Mu Feichi.

Now, she was the second one who had been able to see through him.

No wonder Young Marshal Mu had been smitten by this woman.

Not only her eyes but also her temperament was truly intoxicating.

Jiang Chenghuan smiled frivolously.

“Girl, some things are better left unsaid, even if you can see through them.”

“I know.

I was just speaking casually.

You can treat it as if I hadnt said anything at all.

I know nothing.”

However, after a slight pause, Yun Xi kindly gave him a piece of advice.

“I see by your complexion that you dont appear as healthy as you did at the beginning of winter.

Im guessing that you were ill a while ago, and perhaps you have not fully recovered from the disease.”

“You…” Jiang Chenghuan looked shocked.

“How could you tell You should change jobs and become a fortune-teller.”

Once shed heard that, Yun Xi assumed that she had guessed right.

“Because you came to help me out today, I will give you a prescription.

Ask your housekeeper to go to the pharmacy to retrieve it.

Drink it for a month, and take care of your health.

You dont want subsequent generations to have health problems.”

Jiang Chenghuans dark eyes flashed, and he patted his chest with a mock-frightened look on his face.

“Oh, dont scare me!”

“Do you want me to give you the prescription” Yun Xi glanced at him.

“Yes, of course.

Thank you.

Your medicine wont kill me, will it”

“…” Yun Xi gave him a blank look.

She didnt bother replying to his nonsense.

Jiang Chenghuan knew in his heart that his illness couldnt be cured.

The doctors had simply told him to rest and keep up his health as best as he could.

They hadnt given him any medicine.

He also knew that this girl had treated the old madame.

The doctors in the hospital had all said that she needed an operation, yet Yun Xi had successfully cured her without the operation.

He believed in her!

Seeing Jiang Chenghuan approaching, the clubhouses waiter quickly called the manager over so that he could personally welcome him.

“Young Master Jiang, Young Marshal Mu is here too.

Hes at the golf course over there.

Would you like to go over there too or…”

“Ill head over there.” Jiang Chenghuan waved his hand and then pulled Yun Xi onto a golf cart.

Upon hearing the manager say that Mu Feichi was also there, Yun Xi froze.

She was pretty sure that this fellow had brought her here on purpose.

The cart parked near the golf course.

It was early winter.

The winter climate in Jingdu brought clear skies and temperate weather.

The sun provided a cozy warmth.

Yun Xi got out of the cart.

Then she raised her eyes to gaze at several figures a short distance away.

In front of her, she saw several towering figures.

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