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Chapter 279: True Mastermind behind the Scenes

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At that moment, Chen Yichen received a call from his office saying that there had been a problem with his project and he needed to return to the office to deal with it.

Jiang Chenghuan had just been thinking about how to get her away from him.

Now, seeing this opportunity arise, Jiang Chenghuan chased him away.

Chen Yichen was worried about handing Yun Xi over to Jiang Chenghuan, so he asked his driver to take her home.

However, Jiang Chenghuan had a different plan in mind.

How could he possibly let Chen Yichen get away with this.

“Come on, its not like Ill lose sight of her.

With me watching over her, nobody in Jingdu will dare to harass her.

Theres nothing for you to worry about.

Hurry up and get lost!”

Jiang Chenghuan waved his hand disdainfully and led Yun Xi toward his car.

Chen Yichen couldnt stop him.

His hands were tied.

He had no choice but to relent.

Before Yun Xi got into the car, he kept telling her to be careful.

With his hand leaning against the top of Jiang Chenghuans sports car, he kept looking at Yun Xi.

“Second brother, this girl is easily frightened.

Drive slowly.

If something happens to her, dont say I didnt warn you.

Im going to give you a lot of trouble!”

“Heartless thing! I always treat women in a gentlemanly manner, unlike you, scaring her off by preparing such a grand matchmaking feast.”

Jiang Chenghuan snorted, and not caring that Chen Yichen was still leaning on his car, he sped out of the parking lot like an arrow.

Thinking that he had probably really frightened the girl today, Chen Yichen smiled helplessly.

Although it had seemed like a matchmaking feast, if she had been a bit older, it would have been a date for meeting the elders of his family.

But she hadnt let him down.

Shed been more than able to deal with the elders with impeccable ease.

After Yun Xi had gotten into the car with Jiang Chenghuan, she finally realized what he had meant by a joyride!

This guy drove his car at the speed of a rocket.

Yun Xi secretly vowed that once she was out of the d*mn car, she would never ride in this jerks car again.

Finally, the car stopped in the parking lot of the Yunding Ranch.

Yun Xi raised her eyes and looked at the four characters embossed on the entrance arch.

She couldnt help but chuckle.

Why had she had the most incredible luck today Chen Yichen had taken her to Jinding, the oldest and best private restaurant in Jingdu.

And now Jiang Chenghuan had brought her to the Yunding Ranch.

Jinding and Yunding belonged to the same corporate group, whose behind-the-scenes majority shareholder was the Three Elites of Jingdu.

As for who the boss was, neither the financial news or the entertainment news revealed that fact.

Some people speculated that it was Mu Feichi, the elusive and low-profile heir of the Mu Corporation.

However, this had never been officially confirmed, so everyone simply treated it as speculation.

Although land in Jingdu wasnt that expensive, it was rare for someone to develop such a large plot of land simply as a clubhouse.

Although it was called a ranch, Yunding contained all the entertainment facilities of a clubhouse, including a golf course and a racetrack.

Because the membership requirements were extremely high, members needed to have distinguished status and prominent backgrounds.

The nouveau riche wouldnt be able to enter.

The Yunding Ranch had become a place of entertainment for upper-class society and businesspeople.

In her previous life, shed also visited Yunding in order to accompany clients to discuss cooperation projects.

However, her background and status werent enough for her to become a member.

Jiang Henglin had given her a membership card to keep up appearances.

She remembered what hed said at that time: “You can find yourself another lover as long as you hide him from the public.”

At that time, their relationship had been loveless and purely a mutually beneficial platonic alliance.

Shed lost her dignity by falling in love with Han Yaotian.

It hadnt had a happy ending.

In her present life, she was determined that her life and her destiny would only be controlled by her own hands.

She would be merciless against anyone who dared cross that line.

“Hows this Isnt the view amazing” Jiang Chenghuan, arms crossed, walked over and followed her gaze.

Yun Xi turned her head and glared at his mischievous face.

Although in her previous life, Jiang Chenghuan had also been a philandering playboy, the rumors shed heard about him were different.

This man was the true mastermind behind the scenes.

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