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Chapter 269: A Brain Is a Useful Thing, and I Sincerely Hope You Have One

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After having been shouted at by this idiot, President Kang suddenly became the center of everyones attention.

“Shut up!” President Kang gritted his teeth and snarled at Lin Peiqi.

Lin Peiqi was stunned by his roar, and her makeup became further smeared by her crying.

President Kang looked awkwardly at Han Yaotian and Chen Yichen, who were likewise looking at him, and he felt ill at ease.

He plastered a slimy smile on his chubby face.

“Director Chen, there must have been some sort of misunderstanding here…”

Chen Yichen didnt answer.

He simply turned his head and looked at Yun Xi.

He didnt know if there had been any misunderstanding, but whenever someone was bullied under his watch, he had always felt the need to be protective.

Yun Xi stood up from the sofa, walked up to Chen Yichen, and then turned to look at President Kang as she narrowed her eyes.

” President Kang, if you bring a woman in the future, you should at least bring an attractive vase.

A woman like her shouldnt really be brought out in public…”

Yun Xi held the wine glass in her hand, raised her hand slightly, and then loosened her grip, the glass falling straight down onto the floor.

In the stuffy room with everyone holding their breaths, the sound of glass shattering shocked all of them.

“It is dangerous and cheap.

Remember carefully for next time.”

“Yes, yes…I will remember.”

President Kang wiped the sweat from his forehead.

After Yun Xi had broken the glass, he understood her insinuations regardless of how stupid he was.

As long as it would make her happy, and since the eldest heir didnt reprimand her, how could he dare say anything else

Turning her head, Yun Xi looked at Chen Yichen, opened her palm, and smiled as she said, “Take out your wallet.”

Chen Yichen smiled and stretched out his hand and handed it to her.

Without asking her what she wanted to do, hed obviously agreed with whatever she wanted to do.

Yun Xi drew a 100 yuan bill from the wallet, tucked the wallet back into Chen Yichens front pocket, and then turned and walked toward Lin Peiqi.

She stuffed the 100 yuan bill into the front of Lin Peiqis dress.

Her frivolous behavior actually seemed rather heroic and bold.

“Miss Lin, the registration fee is on me, so no need to try to get a refund.

Next time you go out, remember to bring your brain.

A brain is a useful thing, and I sincerely hope you have one.”

As soon as Yun Xi stood up, a deep voice suddenly sounded from the crowd.

“Are we leaving now”

Upon hearing this voice, Yun Xi responded reflexively, “Yes.

Wait for me!”

All the guests who had been looking on turned to see the source of this voice.

As soon as President Kang turned his head, he saw Mu Feichis gloomy face, and he almost fainted.

Looking at the girl who had just responded, he suddenly realized something, and he immediately experienced a brain freeze.

Staring at Yun Xi with horrified eyes, he seemed to confirm his suspicions.

Mu Feichi glanced at Yun Xi, and without saying anything, he turned around and walked toward the elevator.

Yun Xi dared not continue keeping Mu Feichi waiting, so she turned to Chen Yichen and smiled apologetically.

“Eldest heir, Im so sorry that I crashed your banquet, but I will make it up to you some other day.”

Chen Yichen smiled and raised his hand to touch her head.

His eyes were gentle, and his handsome face was full of doting affection as if he was pampering his troublemaking child.

“No need for some other day.

Let it be tomorrow.”

“Huh” It had simply been a courteous remark, and Yun Xi hadnt expected Chen Yichen to take it so seriously.

Looking at him with a dazed expression, she didnt know how to answer him.

“Tomorrow, come to our house for dinner.

Grandma says that she misses you.”

“Oh, okay.

See you tomorrow.”

With that said, she waved her hand.

Leaving Chen Yichen to clean up her mess, she walked away.

Chen Yichen looked at her figure leaving and smiled helplessly.

Probably no one but Yun Xi could crash someones banquet so brazenly and then leave the mess she had made to the host to clean up while she scurried off as if nothing had happened.

Among the guests, someone couldnt help but ask curiously, “Director Chen, who is this person How come even Young Marshal Mu…”

“She…she can be regarded as Young Marshal Mus lifesaver and also my lifesaver.”

Realization dawned on everyone.

They knew that this girls identity was extraordinary, but they hadnt expected it to be this extraordinary.

Anyone who had connections with Young Marshal Mu could practically do whatever they wanted in Jingdu, especially Young Marshal Mus lifesaver.

Needless to say, everyone knew the consequences of offending someone like this.

One or two of the guests glanced at President Kang sympathetically.

President Kang shuddered fearfully, and with a flustered expression, he ran toward the hall where Yun Xi was just leaving.

If he offended Mu Shao, he wouldnt be able to maintain a livelihood in Jingdu!

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