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Chapter 257: Flirting out of the Blue

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Surprised and discombobulated, she turned around quickly, her heart beating wildly.

In making that sudden move, shed hit her back against the counter.

Yun Xi raised her head and rolled her eyes at him in an angry manner.

“Young Marshal Mu, can you please try not to be so scary”

Mu Feichi noticed her rubbing her lower back and frowned.

“What happened Was it because of me that you bumped into that counter”

Just as he was about to get closer again, Yun Xi reached out and stopped him.

“Young Marshal Mu, it is more appropriate to keep a proper distance between men and women.

If you get too close to me…”

Mu Feichi squinted at her, laughing softly.

Then he deliberately stepped forward and got a step closer.

Taking advantage of his height, he leaned over her, smiled teasingly, and asked, “Youll do what”

Frowning seriously, she kicked out at him and said in a warning tone, “Ill stop being courteous.

This kitchen has all kinds of knives, so there are more than enough for me to chop you up with.”

“Why are you being so troublesome Are you going to cut me up and eat me” Mu Feichi chuckled lightly, then quickly reached out and clasped her wrist, pressing it against the collar of his sweater.

“Just let go of me.

Ill let you eat whatever you want and however you like it.

Hows that”

Yun Xi smacked his forehead with her hand.

He was acting like an experienced playboy, coming in to flirt with her out of the blue.

“Will you please get lost.

Im still trying to cook your dinner here.”

She reached out to push him away, but he picked her up and sat her down on the table.

“What are you doing” With her feet wildly kicking the air, Yun Xi aimed one of them at him and kicked him.

Mu Feichi clasped her foot quickly and stared down at her.

Yun Xi pushed her hands against his chest.

This man was standing way too close to her.

Glaring at him with her lips tightly pursed, she used her free foot to kick at him again.

As if expecting her to make such a move, Mu Feichi moved his hand behind him and caught the other foot too.

Then he held her feet in his hands, and she was immediately incapacitated.

In terms of reaction speeds, she was no match against him at all.

Before she could do anything else, Mu Feichi suddenly tapped her forehead, and a mischievous smirk appeared on his striking face.

“Still want to play” His mellow voice was full of teasing and mirth.

Yun Xi continued to glare at him.

She thought to herself, who was playing

She kicked out, grit her teeth, and spat out angrily, “My leg is cramping.

Let go of me!”

Mu Feichi let go, and his dark eyes stared at the little lion who had just thrown a tantrum.

He shook his head with a casual smile.

He didnt want this to go any further and bring trouble to himself.

He let go, but he didnt leave the kitchen.

Instead, he reached out to her waist and rubbed the area where she had bumped into the counter.

As she turned around, she slammed into a cabinet that was behind them.

“Would you please stop moving so carelessly.

If you really hurt yourself, you wont be able to go to the banquet tonight.”

“…” Upon hearing this threat, the noisy little rascal indeed settled down.

“Come upstairs.

I want to take you to the study to see something.”

“See what” Obviously hesitant to go anywhere with him, she seemed bewildered.

“Youll find out when you get there.”

With that said, not caring whether she wanted him to or not, he reached out and lifted her from the table into his arms.

“Mu Feichi, put me down.

I can walk.”

“If you shout any louder, the housekeeper and all the servants will come over here to watch.”

“…” D*mn it! All his threats were so effective.

She was an extremely modest girl.

She wasnt so stupid as to actually yell and summon all the people working for him over to watch this spectacle.

It didnt matter how shameless he was.

She still had the good sense to protect her dignity.

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