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Chapter 255: Han Yaotian, We Are Finally Going to Meet!

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The weather was getting colder, and the temperature at the top of the mountain was a few degrees lower than that at the foot of the mountain.

Golden osmanthus flowers were planted all around the courtyard of the Mu Mansion, and their floral fragrance wafted all over the courtyard.

Their breakfast was moved into the yard, and the butler brought out two plates of pastries.

An osmanthus cake and a water chestnut cake were sprinkled with golden-colored osmanthus sugar.

It was rare for her to have the chance to eat such delicious osmanthus cakes, so Yun Xi ate a few in a row.

Mu Feichi opened his laptop and was looking at something.

As Yun Xi ate her breakfast pastries, she raised her eyes to gaze at the man across from her.

Today, he wore a long gray-black cardigan with a knotted belt, casual pants of the same color, and cotton slippers.

Compared to his usual formal suits, this outfit was much more casual.

The suave, sophisticated yet influential and domineering Young Marshal Mu had the cultivation and noble air of a true blue-blood.

He wasnt as aggressive or arrogant as Jiang Henglin, nor was he as considerate or gentle as the Chen familys eldest son.

Mu Feichi, who had such an overbearing and authoritative temperament, was charming and seductive.

Upon seeing her eating so happily, he looked at the sweet, greasy things on the plate somewhat disdainfully.

Then he reached out and clasped Yun Xis wrist, picking up the leftover half of her osmanthus cake and putting it into his mouth.

“…” Yun Xi stared at Mu Feichi eating her osmanthus cake with a dazed expression.

Werent those her leftovers

He didnt even feel disgust over the fact that they were covered in her saliva.

Upon thinking more deeply about it, she realized that eating her saliva was like…an indirect kiss.

When she thought about this, she felt uneasy.

He didnt notice her awkwardness at all and ate the sweet osmanthus cake with great difficulty, then complained.

“It tastes nasty!”

When he said this, Yun Xi couldnt help but want to diss him.

“Young Marshal Mu, that was my leftovers! It had my saliva on it.

Dont you think that was dirty”

Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow and glanced at her, and he seemed serious, but what he said made Yun Xi nearly flip out.

“It was just like an indirect kiss, and since I have already kissed you before, why would I feel there was anything nasty about your drool”

“…” He was such a playboy that Yun Xi couldnt help but admit defeat.

This topic couldnt continue.

Yun Xi turned to look for Great White, who was in the yard, which was surrounded by various ponds in which there were many fish.

Great White chased the fish around the ponds.

He drove them from the rocks to under a vine and seemed to be having a great time.

A received message abruptly showed up on his computer screen.

Mu Feichi clicked on it to glance at it, and his dark eyes grew sulky.

The little rascal across from him ate her breakfast pastries as she played with Great White.

She was wearing a light blue cardigan and her favorite vintage dress.

Since the temperatures had gotten colder, the materials of the clothing she wore had become thicker as well.

Her long black hair was draped softly over her shoulders, and when she leaned over to pat Great Whites head, her long hair fell to the sides, revealing her white neck.

When she smiled, her eyes became smiley, and her soft skin appeared alluring even in the chilly early winter.

She was an heiress who should have been born into a prominent family.

Her innate gracefulness didnt roughen with the hardships of life.

Her every smile and gesture made those haughty and snobby women pale in comparison.

“There is a banquet tonight.

Do you want to go”

Yun Xi raised her head and looked at him quizzically “What banquet”

“A banquet being held as a ceremony for the Xinghai Project, a collaborative project by the Yangchen Group and the Han Group.”

“Yangchen Group Isnt that Chen Yichens company Han Group…”

Yun Xi frowned.

Why would Chen Yichen collaborate with the Han Group What does this mean

“The Han Groups current general manager is Han Yaotian, and Xinghai Engineering is a joint venture project.

The project is very large, and there are many investors.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you one of them”

“Im not, but my butler is.” Mu Feichi glanced at the butler, who was coming in with the coffee.

“…” Yun Xi shot him an angry glare.

In the end, doesnt the butler have to heed to his demands

“Do you want to go or not”

Yun Xi nodded, then clenched her fists.

“Yes, certainly Im going! I havent been to such an exciting banquet yet.”

Ha~ Han Yaotian…We are finally going to meet!

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