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Chapter 254: It Doesnt Matter How New the Trick Is, but How Effective

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Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and looked at the silly girl in his arms.

The contours of his profile might be chiseled, yet when he gazed at her, his eyes were soulful and gentle.

Last night, he had restrained himself for the entire night, but now that she was in his embrace, if he was too reserved, wouldnt that be too harsh on himself

“Mu Feichi, get it away from me, quickly!”

After waiting for a long time without seeing Mu Feichi do anything, Yun Xi gritted her teeth and stretched out her hand to pinch his neck, letting out a low growl.

“Great White, down!”

Mu Feichi patted Great Whites head, and Great White got down from Yun Xi with a frustrated expression.

This snow leopard didnt look so big when it was on the ground, but when it jumped up, it was not much shorter than she was.

Now that the leopard had gotten down, Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Great White, she doesnt like you, so stop kissing up to her!”

Mu Feichi squatted down and patted Great Whites head.

“Look, she abandoned you last time she was here too.

She has no conscience at all.

I am your master.

So dont rush toward these girls so eagerly.”

As if he could understand what Mu Feichi was saying, Great White looked up with a sorrowful expression and moved his paw pitifully on Yun Xis foot.

It looked so sad, as if it had been abandoned by its owner.

It was pitiful!

The owner of the house had no qualms about using a pity-arousing ruse, and Great White aped him by playing the victim.

Yun Xi clearly grasped the teasing insinuations in Mu Feichis tone, and, turning her head away angrily, she shot him an annoyed glare.

The master and pet cooperated tacitly and played the victim in front of her.

Although their gimmicks werent masterful, Great Whites pitiful look had made her heart ache.

She was simply afraid of it.

She didnt actually despise it.

After all this fuss, the fear in her heart also disappeared.

Beasts that could be trained to be so obedient by their masters usually obeyed their masters and wouldnt attack familiar people.

She squatted down and patted Great Whites head.

Great White really wanted to get intimate with her.

After she touched its head, it raised its head and rubbed it against her palm in an endearing manner.

“Young Marshal Mu, your pitiful ruse is really amateurish!”

Mu Feichi turned sideways to face her and didnt feel the slightest bit of embarrassment even after being exposed so directly.

“Little rascal, sometimes, it doesnt matter how new the trick is, but how effective.”

He stretched out his hand and squeezed her rosy cheeks, and his dark eyes were filled with a tender gentleness.

Even though he was lecturing her and had just played a trick on her, he made her feel pampered in a way that she had never been before.

He stretched out his hand to pull her up, then cast his eyes down at Great White, who obediently stood at Yun Xis feet.

“Great White has been by my side since I was a child and has learned to live with humans.

He is completely different than snow leopards in the wild that have not been domesticated.

He likes you so he wont do anything to harm you.”

“But he is a beast after all, and is potentially dangerous.

Even a rabbit would bite people out of desperation, let alone a snow leopard.”

“Then it depends on how you make it obedient.

People are more complicated and calculating than animals.

Animals live very simply.

They hunt, protect their children, fight against invading enemies, and run around in the snow.”

Yun Xi nodded with some understanding.

Humans were indeed more complicated than animals and were much more greedy and selfish.

“All right now, you two get along in the future, but remember you cant take Great White with you when you go train.”

“Why” She turned her head in puzzlement.

“Li Zilan now teaches you.

Great White likes you, so if he thinks you are in danger, he will fight to save you.

Dont let him follow you to the lawns, because he might not be able to avoid all the booby traps.”

“I understand!”

Yun Xi lowered her head and glanced at Great White, who raised his head simultaneously.

She felt a little moved inside.

Her objection toward Great White had disappeared.

Her relatives wouldnt save her unconditionally, but a beast treated her with sincerity.

So what could be so scary about it

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