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Chapter 251: Won the Battle but Opened a Pandoras Box

In spite of her young age, she was like a lone wolf with enough courage and self-assurance to venture out into the world alone.

She seemed quiet and harmless, but she was also capable of ruthlessly scheming against others.

How could he not feel heartache for such a little rascal

However, waiting for her to grow up and waiting for her to be ready to stand by his side would take time and training.

He was patient and enjoyed the process of waiting for his little flower to bloom.

Leaning over, he gazed intensely at the still-sleeping figure.

Then he got up, put on his shoes, and climbed out of the window.

Outside the Yun familys house, a black car was parked on the side of the road.

Mu Feichi glanced at the license plate number, knocked on the car window, and opened the door to get in.

In the drivers seat, Qi Yuan turned and looked at the man who had gotten in the back seat.

“Young Marshal Mu, you dont look like youve rested well.

Do you want to go to the study camp or return to the Mu Mansion to rest”

As soon as Qi Yuan had finished speaking, a womans teasing voice sounded from the passenger seat.

“With a gentle nymph in his arms all night, if Young Marshal Mu didnt sleep well, that would be truly bizarre!”

In the middle of the night, instead of going home after getting off the plane, he had chosen to climb into this girls window.

Was this immature punk still the same authoritative Young Marshal Mu shed always known

Li Zilan deeply doubted it.

People who fell into the trap of love were never sensible.

Mu Feichi ignored what Li Zilan had said and asked in a deep voice, “Why are you here”

“Why else would I be here exhausting myself so early in the morning”

Li Zilan snorted softly, then turned sideways and handed a file to him.

“Your little fox won the battle, but she also opened a Pandoras box.”

“What do you mean” Mu Feichis eyes got dark.

As he took the file, Qi Yuan turned on the cars interior lights.

Li Zilan leaned against the car window comfortably.

She narrowed her eyes and said, “Han Wanling laid hands on your woman.

You are now making her suffer because of it, and the Han familys business is also suffering in Jingdu.

The board of directors now plan to push out the illegitimate child, Han Yaotian.

Han Yaotian is a complicated man.

He has many questionable connections, so you know exactly what will eventually happen if this continues to go on.”

The worst consequence was that Jingdus balance of power dynamic would be broken, and the entire business world would fall into a new series of chaos and competition.

At the same time, the forces hiding in the dark would certainly seize the opportunity to cause mayhem.

In terms of conflicts between men, most of the time the methods used were extremely ruthless, and whoever was left standing at the end emerges as the victor.

Mu Feichi flipped through the information in the folder.

More than half of this information was new to him and had not yet been put into his database.

Han Yaotians other networks were new information to him also, since Mu Feichi hadnt expected him to have so many connections with the business world.

It seemed that this illegitimate child had secretly made much effort to seize control of the Han family.

“Furthermore, the eldest son of the Chen family seems to be deliberately supporting this b*stard.

Once he gains control, the overall power dynamic will easily be toppled.”

Today, the Four Great Clans stood together and coexisted harmoniously due to a system of checks and balances.

The social order of Jingdu was very important to all the prominent families.

Anarchy wouldnt benefit any of them.

“Chen Yichen isnt stupid, so he doesnt want to raise a wolf that will bite him in the future.

Rather than support him, he wants to control him.”

“Control him” Li Zilan chuckled.

“Han Yaotian has a lot of connections.

Do you really think Chen Yichen can control him alone”

“This illegitimate child shouldnt be underestimated.

Rather than letting him grow powerful in the dark, its better to put him in a bright place to make it more convenient to control and suppress him.

What Chen Yichen cant do, I can.”

Closing the file, Mu Feichi instructed Qi Yuan to drive.

“What are you going to do”

Mu Feichi curled his lips into a sneer, and his dark eyes gleamed mysteriously.

His mellow and slightly mirthful voice sounded in the car, “Do you know who called the paparazzi to the police station this time”

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