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Chapter 243: Dreams Are Always Necessary

The news that Liang Xinyi had been detained at the police station spread like wildfire throughout Jing High School.

Probably because Yun Xi was a very good student and Liang Xinyi was her cousin, at first there wasnt a lot of gossip about her simply out of respect for Yun Xi.

Then, however, in a class meeting during fourth period on Monday, the homeroom teacher relieved Li Sinuo of her position as the class leader and sternly issued a disciplinary action.

Li Sinuo buried her head in her textbook the entire time as she sobbed miserably.

There was a lot of discussion about that among the classmates, but no one wanted to talk to Li Sinuo.

While all this was going on, Yun Xi acted normally and did the same things she always did.

However, she knew in her heart that Li Sinuo probably hated her more than ever.

After she had been caught and punished so severely, Li Sinuo would probably lie low for a while, and Yun Xi wouldnt need to worry about dealing with her at this time.

After school ended at noon, Zhao Yumo came to find her.

Yun Xi was doing some math problems when Zhao Yumo came over and smacked two photos down on her desk.

“Let me show you my idol! Isnt he handsome Isnt he handsome! His handsome face is like a gods, his legs are so long, and he has such a strong vibe.

Hes so handsome!

“…” Yun Xi glanced down at the man in the photo, and she almost dropped her teeth.

It was Mu Feichi!

The photo looked as if it had probably been taken by a phone cameras screenshot of a TV screen.

The photo seemed to be from the footage of Mu Feichis interview with the press yesterday.

There were two photos.

One was of his entire body, and, indeed, as Yumo had said, he had the face of a god and fantastic long legs..

He appeared noble and perfect.

The other picture was of a time when he had looked into the camera.

His eyes appeared strangely gentle in contrast to his determinedly poker face.

Yun Xi raised her head and asked with a half-smile, “Do you really like Young Marshal Mu”

“I like him, and all the other women in Jingdu like him! Im not the only one anyway.

Hes my idol!”

“Well, indeed, all the women in Jingdu do seem to like him.”

Upon being stared at, Zhao Yumo patted Yun Xi on the head in an irritated manner.

“Dont look at me like that.

I will grow into a woman who can stand by his side in the future!”

As she said this, she also made a fist with her fingers to show her fighting spirit.

“Well, you can do it, so go, girl!”

“Why does your tone make me feel like you think that Im joking with you”

“There is always a gap between reality and ideals.

But dreams are always necessary.

What if they actually come true”

“Ha, ha, ha…what you just said is really inspirational! I know what I know, and its harder to be worthy of Young Marshal Mu than it is to reach the moon.

This kind of dream is something that can only be fantasized about!”

Yun Xi smiled helplessly.

“Youre so capricious.”

Zhao Yumo smiled and narrowed her eyes.

She was capricious about her passions and fickle about what she liked.

She pulled out a photo.

“Come on, Ill give you one and let you admire him too.”

Yun Xi looked at the close-up photo in her hand.

The mans chiseled facial features were outstanding, and his eyes were so gentle they looked as if they could melt iron and were indeed charming.

“By the way, Yun Xi, I just saw that little punk waiting for you at the school gates.

Do you want to see him If not, we can go out to eat.”

“Lets go see him! And then lets go out to eat.

His mother is having an operation today.

I will ask about her situation on the way.”

At the school gates, as soon as Yun Xi came out, Xiang Yuanjiu got out of his car and gazed at her anxiously.

“Why are you here How about Aunties surgery”

“My mothers operation was very successful, Yun Xi.

This is all thanks to you.

Thank you so much!”

Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Its good that the operation was successful! Go back and take care of Auntie instead of wasting time here.”

“I just came over to thank you… I owe you for this kindness.”

“Thats enough, you dont owe me anything.

As we said before, this was a deal, so you dont owe me anything.”

She didnt want to make him always think that he owed her.

It had been done for kindness.

“By the way, Ive taken care of the Mu Groups affairs for you, and someone will contact you soon.

However, you have to wait until Auntie gets better before leaving.”

“I know, I will!”

Xiang Yuanjiu nodded.

“No matter what, I will always remember your great kindness.”

He knew he would repay this favor sooner or later.

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