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Chapter 241: Jealousy

There was a time difference between the two locations where they were.

It was still noon where Mu Feichi was, but it was already nighttime in Yun Xis home.

Accustomed as she was to seeing him suddenly appear in her room, Yun Xi wasnt surprised that he had hacked into her computer.

“Young Master Mu, may I ask you what you mean by this”

“Do you really have no idea what I mean”

“I guess Im just blind!”

Other people send goose feathers from thousands of miles away, yet hes hacked into her computer as if he had every right in the world to do so.

What else could he mean

Every time he saw her, he was either climbing into a window or hacking into a computer and being so secretive as if they were having a secret affair.

“Its okay, Im not really blind.”


Mu Feichi smiled, fixed his gaze on her face, and said lazily, “I heard that you won your little game.”

“Young Marshal Mu is really very well informed.”

“What reward do you want”

This question made it seem as if he were coaxing a child with a pampering and indulgent tone, so Yun Xi couldnt help but shake her pen angrily.

Yun Xis eyes flashed with fire.

It was possible to see a faint gleam in the depths of Yun Xis eyes.

“Anything…” She asked hesitatingly.

“As long as its not for the sake of any other men.”

“Then there is nothing that I want!”

He had clearly guessed what she actually wanted, and he had vetoed this desire before she had even spoken about it.

“If one wants to work in the Mu Group, one mustnt be afraid of death.”

“Xiang Yuanjiu is a gangster.

Hes not a no-do-gooder!”

“Youve only known him for a few days, yet you think you know him well”

There was a bit of contempt and sourness in his deep voice.

Hed wanted to see her face from 1,000 miles away just to express his jealousy over Xiang Yuanjiu

What a pain in the neck!

“I dont know him very well, but he isnt irresponsible.”

“A man can easily be responsible, but a mans responsibility needs to be shaped by the ordeals of life, so he can be mentally prepared.”

“Then you agree”

As soon as she heard him say this, she immediately got closer to the screen in her excitement, and hints of joy could be seen on her delicate-featured smooth face.

Looking at her, Mu Feichi smiled helplessly.

She really was an easily satisfied little cat.

“You have spoken so eloquently for him, so how can I not agree”

As long as she wanted something, as long as he could give it to her, he would give her anything.

“Oh, thank you!” Now that she had his consent, she felt relieved of a large burden.

Upon seeing the casually dressed man in the light green shirt who had been in the video, she suddenly remembered watching the interview on TV.

“Young Marshal Mu is seeking a potential partner from all the women in the world Your marriage requirements seem really high!”

There were very few women in Jingdu who were on a par with him.

Besides the fact that he had high standards, for a man as exceptional as he was, only a woman equally as exemplary was qualified to stand by his side.

This would be conducive to a harmonious family and world…

Conducive to a peaceful world… She was curious as to what woman he would choose to be qualified to stand by his side.

Mu Feichi gazed at her leisurely with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

There was a soulful expression in his deep, dark eyes.

Hed never accepted media interviews, but today hed made an exception.

The words that hed said to the camera had indeed only been addressed to her.

As for the woman who could stand beside him, no one but Yun Xi was qualified.

“Well, do you want to take up the challenge”

Yun Xis heart lurched.

Knowing that it was impossible, she couldnt help but laugh.

With narrowed eyes, Yun Xi deliberately asked with her chin raised, “Accept the challenge of becoming the wife of the Mu Familys heir”

“What do you think”

“Young Marshal Mu, dont make fun of me.

I am still young, and I dont have that much ambition.”

“I can wait! The position as the wife of the Mu Familys heir is a golden opportunity, so dont you want to try to fill it”

“Its too much.

Im afraid its way too much for me to undertake.”

“With me, youll be able to bear it.

Ill take care of you.”

“…” This topic was too awkward to continue.

Coughing lightly, she pinched the bridge of her nose to relieve the feeling of awkwardness she felt at this moment.

“When will you be back”

“Why, do you miss me”

“Cant you speak seriously for one minute”

Yun Xi bit her lips and glared at him.

The anger in her glare shocked the man who was sitting in a hotel room in a different country.

If this had been in the middle of the night, he would have suffered insomnia until dawn.

“Whats wrong”


I will wait until you come back.”

She had to say thank you to him in person for helping her.

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