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Chapter 236: Only When the Matter Was Blown up would the Charade Become More Entertaining

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Before Yun Xi went home, she called the familys housekeeper and asked if her father had any entertaining for business that day.

If he had to entertain for his business, she would return later.

If he had no entertaining to do, she would return on time.

This was because, if her father wasnt at home, she would have to deal with her mother, and she really wasnt in the mood for that.

Moreover, if her dad wasnt home, this whole production wouldnt be as gratifying, watching her mothers humiliation.

However, there was going to be a good show waiting for her when she returned home today.

Liang Xinyi was still being detained at the police station, and, knowing her mothers temperament, she probably wasnt going to feel satisfied until she had stirred up a ruckus.

The housekeeper told Yun Xi that Yun Yuanfeng did not have any entertaining to do and would be home for dinner.

However, the housekeeper also remarked that Yun Xis mother didnt look good when she got home, and Yun Xi reminded herself to be wary.

After Yun Xi had hung up the phone, she took a leisurely stroll home.

The scenery was breathtaking, and, at dusk, Jingdu was shrouded in the bright light of sunset and looked as if it had been covered in a layer of gold.

Liang Xinyi getting expelled from Jing High School was the first step in Yun Xis grand scheme.

With her grades and the expulsion, she wouldnt be able to be admitted to a first-class university in Jingdu.

If she couldnt get into Jing University or get the chance to study abroad, it would be impossible for her to squeeze into upper-class society.

The only way she could possibly get into society was if she was extremely resourceful and became acquainted with societys heirs and heiresses.

However, she had no status and no distinguished family background, so even if she did manage to squeeze her way in, she still would be looked down upon.

Without mutual aligned interests, her social network would crumble easily.

Shed tried her best to befriend officials and wealthy socialites just as Yun Xis mother had, simply for the sake of securing a good marriage for Yun Ziling.

But in the end, a few gimmicks by Yun Xi had made all those socialites ostracize her mother.

All her years of hardcore networking had all gone down the drain.

Now, Yun Xi had basically broken Liang Xinyis leg.

It was going to be harder and harder for her to climb up the social ladder.

After severing Liang Xinyis chances to succeed, Yun Ziling would be next.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the living room, Liang Xiuqin saw her and grabbed an ashtray from the table and flung it at her.

“Wretched girl, you actually have the guts to come back here!”

Yun Xi agilely dodged the ashtray that her mother had flung at her and plastered an aggrieved expression on her face.

“Mom, what are you doing What did I do wrong now”

“Let me ask you, did you get your cousin sent to the police station Why are you so intolerant toward her Going to jail is equivalent to having a criminal record, and she will be ruined for the rest of her life! Why are you so cruel”

“Mom, what does my cousin committing the crime of stealing have to do with me This matter was handled by the police.

They cant arrest people without evidence, right”

“Bullsh*t! As if it isnt all your fault! If it wasnt for you, she wouldnt have been caught.”

Yun Xi was really amused by her mothers outrageous reasoning.

Her mothers self-righteous demeanor also really made her want to burst out laughing.

However, in order to create the right vibe, she cleverly concealed the emotions that she felt.

Since her mother felt so indignant over Liang Xinyi suffering injustice, she would blow up the matter in front of Yun Xis father.

Only when the matter was blown up would the charade become more entertaining.

“Mom, if you dont understand the situation, you can go to the police station to find out more.

Liang Xinyi was instructed by others to steal public property from school and was arrested by the police before she could incriminate and frame me.

What does this have to do with me Im the victim.

But instead of comforting me, you defend the culprit Liang Xinyi.

What sort of mother are you”

“If it werent for you, she wouldnt have been so unlucky! She is your cousin, so how can you be so vindictive Has your conscience been eaten by dogs”

“If I had been successfully framed by Liang Xinyi today, I would be the one in the police station.

Would you, my own mother, also feel that Liang Xinyis conscience had been eaten by a dog Or would you think that she did the right thing If I had been detained in the police station, my future would also have been ruined.

Do you think the Jiang family would want a daughter-in-law who has a notorious reputation involving being detained at a police station”

“That would be your own fault so you would deserve it! Your cousin has always been well-behaved.

You must have done something to hurt her…”

“Enough! Shut up!” Yun Yuanfeng felt his forehead twitching from hearing them fight and turned to Liang Xiuqin and roared at her.

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