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Chapter 229: The Recording

“Im not talking nonsense.

You gave me 30,000 yuan to approach this girl, and you told me to steal the computers you had donated and pin the blame on her.

You said that when the job was finished, you would send me the balance of the 20,000 yuan you owed me for the job.”

“Youre talking bullsh*t! Who are you anyway How can you utter such shameless nonsense after stealing this stuff”

“Im not talking nonsense, I say.

Everything you wanted is here.

Miss Han, you have to keep your word.

Even if you dont want to pay me the rest of the money that you promised, why did you need to call the police to arrest me Are all you rich people this deceitful”

“I have no idea what youre talking about.

Shut up!”

Upon being exposed like this, Han Wanling felt anxious and infuriated.

“If you continue to utter such nonsense, I will sue you for slander! Being convicted of slander as well as theft, you will rot in prison.”

Xiang Yuanjiu didnt pay any attention to her threats, and he laughed as he nonchalantly leaned against the car door.

Looking at Han Wanling with narrowed eyes, he showed unconcealed disdain and contempt on his face.

“Do you think Im afraid of you”

As he said that, he took out a voice recorder from his pocket, pressed the button, and the voice recorder started playing a previously recorded phone conversation.

“When you arrive at Jing High School tomorrow, someone will give you the stolen laptops.

You only need to get them out of the school.

If you are caught, you will pin all the blame on that wretched girl Yun Xi.”

“How did this girl offend you and why do you want to ruin her so much If she is convicted, she will be sentenced to jail time.”

“I dont care.

I actually want her to go to jail.”

“Then the remaining money…”

“After the job is done, I will send the remaining money that I owe you to your bank account…”

Their surroundings were very quiet, and the voice on the recorder was clearly identifiable.

Han Wanling trembled with anger as she listened to the recorded phone conversation.

Han Wanlings friends who had come with her finally understood what was going on, and they looked at Han Wanling with contempt.

“How could she conspire so ruthlessly against someone whos just a student What sort of grudge does she have against her”

“Its no wonder that we were invited here.

She dragged us here as props to watch her charade.”


With the friends she had brought with her gossiping about her now, Han Wanlings face turned ugly, and she glared at Yun Xi viciously as her fingernails dug into her own flesh.

Turning her head abruptly, she glared at her group of friends coldly, gritted her teeth, and roared, “All of you shut up!”

Her group of friends snickered contemptuously and didnt pay her any mind.

With a self-righteous expression in her eyes, Yun Xi stepped forward and gazed at Han Wanling indifferently.

“Han Wanling, all I ever did was get in the way of your plan to seduce Young Marshal Mu, and you have schemed against me like this.

Dont you think youre being a little too cruel”

Upon hearing this, Han Wanlings eyes shot daggers at Yun Xi and spat out, “B*tch! What are you talking about”

This matter had always been a secret.

Outsiders didnt know why Mu Feichi was dead set against the Han family.

Only she knew the reason.

Sure enough, among the friends she had brought with her, several of Mu Feichis admirers started to jeer.

“No wonder Young Marshal Mu is so hostile toward the Han family.

It turns out that someone was boldly trying to seduce Young Marshal Mu.”

“Doesnt she know her status Does she think anyone can approach Young Marshal Mu How shameless!”

Han Wanlings forehead started to twitch.

She was not only suffering extreme humiliation, but her plans had also gone down the drain.

She was so exasperated that she wanted to tear Yun Xi to pieces.

With red, venomous eyes and gritted teeth, she spat out, “Little b*tch, you just wait!”

Yun Xi shrugged and smiled innocently.

“I have a clear conscience, and Im not afraid of you.”


Han, please remember from now on, if you dont have money, dont fake it.

If donating these things was too financially stressful for you, then dont overexert yourself by pretending to donate them and having someone steal them back just to keep up appearances.

Even if you dont feel ashamed, I feel ashamed for you.”

Xiang Yuanjiu put away his recording device and gazed at Han Wanling contemptuously as he made fun of her.

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