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Chapter 224: Evidence of Your Guilt

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Yun Xi wasnt surprised to see Jiang Henglin, who seemed to have come all the way here to see her suffer embarrassment at the hands of Han Wanling.

It seemed as if he was nowhere near as cunning and clever as he had been in his last life.

Since everyone she had expected had arrived, it was time for her to sharpen her knife to use on her enemies.

She began by raising her eyes to look at Li Sinuo with a cheery smile on her lips.

Her expression was that of innocence and pure-mindedness, and, at the same time, assertiveness and pride.

“Class leader, since you have said that I stole something, what exactly did I steal”

“You know what you have stolen.

You hang out with gangsters all day long.

Who knows if perhaps these gangsters told you to come here and steal these things Those gangsters are not good people.”

“You say that I hang out with gangsters all day long, but, class leader, do you have any evidence for this Isnt that excuse completely far-fetched since actually I have simply met your so-called gangsters at the school gates Youre trying to scapegoat me for conspiring with gangsters to steal things just because I met some of them at the school gates”

“Yun Xi, stop making excuses! Its obvious that you stole something, and I discovered your crime, so you pushed me into the classroom and locked me in.

You were trying to get rid of me so nobody would have any evidence, right How can you be so vicious at such a young age Is this how your parents have raised you”

Although it wasnt that big of an insult, the way in which she said it filled the people around her with displeasure.

The principal and her homeroom teacher frowned.

They were very displeased with Li Sinuo, a student who was serving as the class leader, for speaking so harshly.

“Li Sinuo, if Id wanted to get rid of you, I wouldve never let myself get implicated in this.

It would be very clumsy of me to use a method that could implicate me so easily.”

“So what if it was clumsy I bet you didnt think you would be exposed so soon, did you Its fine now.

Even the police are here.

If you cant give me an explanation today, I will have my parents sue you.

Sue you for attempted murder…”

“If you want an explanation, all right, Ill give it to you.”

Yun Xi smiled and nodded, then turned to look at the principal.

“Principal, even if I say that I have done nothing, I have never even been to the multimedia classroom at all, and I dont have any idea what the class leader is talking about, probably no one will believe me, so what should I do”

The principal looked at Yun Xi and then at the policeman standing next to him, but before he could answer, the policeman had already walked over.

“Well, thats easy.

Lets pull up the surveillance footage! There is a computer here, and we have technicians with us whose jobs are to pull up surveillance footage.

It will soon be clear who is telling the truth and who is lying.”

Li Sinuo was stunned when she heard that there was surveillance footage.

She had had no idea that there were surveillance cameras at the school.

When shed brought Yun Xi over there, with Yun Xi trailing behind her, it wouldnt seem as if she was following Yun Xi.

If the surveillance footage was accessed, wouldnt that directly prove that she was lying

The policeman in charge glanced at Li Sinuos guilty expression, then turned to the policeman behind him and nodded.

“Xiao Tang, please pull up the surveillance footage from all around the school for everyone to see.

In this way, we will find the suspect as soon as possible.”

“Okay!” Xiao Tang agreed and turned to the computer on the other side of the room.

“No!” Two voices shouted out in unison in the quiet classroom.

When Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi saw Officer Xiao Tang walking toward the podium, they almost reflexively rushed forward to stop him.

These two idiots rushing out to stop him in such a hurry was basically an admission of guilt.

Feeling annoyed and truly regretting having asked them to frame Yun Xi, Han Wanling glared at Li Sinuo and Liang Xinyi with a venomous look.

These two useless idiots had only brought her trouble instead of doing what shed asked.

Yun Xi glanced at the two idiots contemptuously, and then gazed at Li Sinuos flustered face.

“Class leader, why are you trying to stop the police in such a panic Since you wanted to frame me, I have to find a way to prove my innocence.

Since youre trying to stop him so desperately, perhaps it is evidence of your guilt.”

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